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50 Items You Can Flip for Profit

Here are 50 items I (and people I know) can recommend as good gold makers on the Trading Post. You can easily flip these using my day trading advice in the "Damn, This is a Gold Guide" post, but you should also look into long term flipping by trading weekly (place buy orders early week, sell weekend). Keep in mind that many of these items will get out of whack from being posted here and spread across the inter-webs, but over time they should provide you with good fallback markets when you need to flip.

1. Bay Leaf
2. Cherry Pie Filling
3. Ball of Dough
4. Shimmering Dust
5. Blackberry
6. Orange
7. Bone Chip
8. Tiny Venom Sac
9. Large Skull
10. Blueberry
11. Head of Garlic
12. Vial of Blood
13. Bone Shard
14. Potato
15. Raspberry
16. Strawberry
17. Grape
18. Small Fang
19. Blood Dye
20. Mini Yaotl the Fierce
21. Silk Helm Strap
22. Unidentified Dye
23. Seasoned Wood Log
24. Minor Rune of Altruism
25. Mighty Chain Legs
26. Thick Cloth Gloves
27. Mighty Seeker Gloves
28. Mighty Amulet
29. Mighty Ring
30. Garnet Copper Stud of Might
31. Pearl
32. Adorned Snowflake
33. Minor Sigil of Generosity
34. Yam
35. Mithril Shield Backing
36. Coriander Seed
37. Bowl of Tarragon Cream Sauce
38. Jute Tunic Panel
39. Orrian Truffle
40. Chocolate Bar
41. Giver's Embroidered Silk Insignia
42. Apothecary's Intricate Silk Insignia
43. Carrion Intricate Linen Insignia
44. Norn Sword
45. Snow Truffle
46. Passion Fruit
47. Bowl of Chocolate Omnomberry Frosting
48. Tarragon Leaves
49. Spinach Leaf
50. Sesame Seed

Remember, everyone is going to try these today, tomorrow, and this week. So keep an open mind and come back to this list if things get too crazy. Maybe spread this around to other websites and increase the demand for these items... thus increasing your profit should you get in on this early. Long term, this can provide even the late comers with gold over time, but anyone who sees this early enough will also make out pretty well short term. Members of the private trading post forum were shown this list almost a week prior to me releasing it, and several of them gave away their best markets (so you can thank them as well).


  1. Noel Hunt said...:

    Been flipping about half of these in my daily routine. Even If you profit 5 copper per sale, 500 sales = ~25 silver profit.

  1. Flenken said...:

    Thank you for posting this!

    I don't know if I should be filled with pride or horror that many of the items on this list are items that I actively trade. :)

    I do have a question: In the case of intermediate crafting items (straps, linings, soles, dressings etc.) what are the usual flip times, and actual demand for them? I've been considering getting into them, but don't want to buy 50 glove linings if they're going to just sit there. "Demand" does not always mean consumer demand, it could just be a bunch of people putting in cheap buy orders that aren't getting filled. Is there's really a demand for them? Maybe in the highest stuff when a 400 level crafter is just trying to craft -> sell, but I get the feeling that the lower crafting level stuff would just be crafted from the base ingredients by people levelling, because they need the crafting XP. I've got a list of all of the crafted items, their ingredients and the buy/sell for everything, so I can see what crafted items are profitable to flip by buying the ingredients and making the item... but I just haven't put together a solid plan on how to use that info on crafts that I'm not leveled in. I'll need to think on what crafted items people will actually buy and see how profitable they are, and go from there, I think.

    I REALLY wish there was a good way to tell the movement rate on a product. Right now, I tend to watch the buy/sells for a bit and see how the numbers jump, and then put in an order for a few on the buy and sell side and see how long they take to fill. There are some things that you KNOW will sell. Butter, Potatoes, Globs of Ectoplasm...these are all used and useful. But, some of the food ingredients, I don't know if people bother with some of them. Why get the ingredients and make soup X when soup Y is so much better? Do people narrow the crafts down that much, to the few most appealing items, and forget the rest?

    Hope I've given you some blog fodder at least with the rambling :D


  1. Anonymous said...:

    Well, looks like I have to go sell half my trading stock now until these stabilize.

  1. Anonymous said...:


  1. Anonymous said...:

    http://www.gw2spidy.com "I REALLY wish there was a good way to tell the movement rate on a product."

  1. Anonymous said...:

    It looks like a lot of crafting components are easy to flip such as small green haft bronze dagger blade or such, my question is do these items sell?

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Same here, does it really sell?

  1. Darla said...:

    To anyone still wondering -yes, many crafted components (small green haft, bronze dagger blade, etc) do sell... They sell because it's often cheaper to level a lot of your crafting levels by buying the crafted components than by buying the base components (especially now that some of those base components have shot up drastically in price) (check out a crafting guide, and, if it's a good one, it should tell you when to buy the crafted components instead of crafting them yourself....as for selling them for profit....anything that can be purchased/crafted for less than it sells for can be used to make money, so if the crafted component in question fits this, then go for it)

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