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6 Part Gold Guide Incoming

I am henceforth dedicating myself to the gold guide and forum I've created alongside this blog. Not only will I continue to deliver new posts to this blog, but I will now continuously be adding podcasts, videos, and written guides to the Trading Post Extractor on a weekly basis. My goal is one video, one podcast, and one new written guide per week. It will be a challenge, but the amount of value I can bring to this forum and gold guide will be well worth the effort.

The TP Extractor Forums (which now contain the first six installments of my gold guide for Guild wars 2) will continue to be a thriving community of extremely active and energetic individuals sharing the same capitalistic goals. Only now you'll have a lot more Markco to absorb on a weekly basis. Which is what I envisioned all along, but devastating events in real life have held me back until now. I'm done coasting and now it's time to deliver with the energy and fervor I enjoy bringing to my blogs on MMO economies.

This week's update is mostly the 6 part gold guide I've added, and I will have a video as well as a podcast probably by Friday. The six sections are as follows:

Basic Training
I. Mystic Forge
II. Opening Bags
III. Crafting
IV. Salvaging
V. Flipping
VI. Kharma to Gold

Thank you for continuing to support this website, whether it's through buying forum/guide time, sending me emails, or just reading the blog. All three are greatly appreciated.

[Full Disclosure] Current members will receive these new updates for no additional charge. I have, however, increased the cost to become a new member as well as renew an old membership by approximately $1 per month. To be fair for those who want to use the old price, I have left an option to purchase a full year at the original rate per month. [/Full Disclosure]

Let me know what I can do to make your experience on this blog, guide, and forum as epic as you envision it to be,



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