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A Week of Great Searches for GW2 Flippers

From Monday to Friday of next week (3/25 - 3/29) I will be showcasing 5 amazing searches for making gold from flipping. These will showcase markets you probably have never seen before, many of which have remained a secret despite their profitable nature. Some are right under your nose, while others are extremely well hidden. All you have to do is type in the search criteria into the trading post and then find the best deals you want to play!

On the forum, I have placed a post here for private viewing by members only, that showcases all 5 searches before they appear on the blog next week.


  1. Anonymous said...:

    what time do u post????eu/usa time???want to get in before the spike.....

    oh,i came in from the now infamous reddit grape post,just lurking around.....

  1. Markco said...:

    8:00 AM EST, welcome. Be sure to look through the archive to see if there's anything you like.

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