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Big Money from Smaller Profits

In Guild Wars 2, making more than 20% of your initial investment is usually considered a good profit. That's something hard to stomach for most players, especially because you have to wait while your investment (and 80% of the money coming back to you) sits on the trading post. This also means that there is now way to just double your money or follow a single, powerful strategy to success. You need to innovate, avoid cutting corners, and increase your profit percentage of profit.

During this process, I personally came across an interesting formula for finding higher percentage profits. The cheaper an item, the more likely it will give you back more for your investment.

So let's say there is a ring on the auction house going for 50 copper and it retails for 2 silver. After I buy, sell, and collect, I will have received 1 silver 20 copper in profit. Now let's look at another, more expensive ring. It costs 20 silver and the buy order is 9 silver 80 copper. After flipping the item, I will receive 1 silver 20 copper in profit. Do you see the difference in value here? Instead of dropping 9 silver 80 copper onto the auction house I can deposit 50 copper for the same profit margin.

I've spoken about this concept in a round about way on several posts in the past month.  Like a teacher, I need to get it into your head that the "smaller" markets could potentially make you a lot more than the more expensive ones.


  1. Anonymous said...:

    Its funny how people don't understand return on investment. Id much rather make a copper flipping eggs then a copper fliping exotics.

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