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Check Your Ego at the Trading Post

We all have egos, even when playing a video game. The most pious among us still want some level of recognition for their actions and naturally feel slighted when life is unfair to them. Just because you can hide these emotions does not mean that you're immune to experiencing them.

Personally, I am extremely hot tempered and brutally critical of my own gaming performance. Anything below perfection sets me off. So when my ego gets bruised by the failure to sell items or poorly played trading, I can occasionally turn reckless.

It's kind of like when a gambler loses a few times in a row and then doubles down in order to make up for the losses. Instead of sticking to a solid plan, he or she decides to increase risk at the potential of increased reward.

On the trading post, you really need to check your ego at the door. For people like me, that's not easy, but it is do-able. Part of the way you avoid such situations is to stop assuming that you're owed anything.

You do not deserve to win. Ever. You earn the gold you get through long periods of careful decision making and by learning from your mistakes along the way. Don't double down in order to make up for past losses, as that's based on the false premise that you were owed something from the beginning.


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