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Leveling Crafting Costs Too Much Gold

Hastily set goals can seriously screw you over when it comes to the trading post. Crafting is a great example. Let's say you want to level from 0 - 400 in any crafting discipline. You're looking at a ridiculous amount of gold, but you can compound the problem by just buying the supply of materials that is readily available on the trading post. So instead of cutting costs in half with buy orders and being patient, you can recklessly spend your fortune on these materials.

While patience with buy orders is certainly a lesson you can take from this post, you should also consider dividing your goal up into smaller goals. You could attempt to go up 25 levels per day in your discipline. Better yet, you could place buy orders today for the levels you want to get tomorrow and thus not have to wait a day between leveling.

Even better, why not look at what's valuable that you're crafting and possibly level up on patterns that aren't necessarily a lot of experience at the moment but do help make up the cost of the leveling process.

Lastly, I want to point out that max level crafting disciplines aren't all they're cracked up to be. In many cases, it's the early and mid level items (or pre-item parts) that have the best turn around. When selling those items, your buyers are usually other crafters looking to speed level!


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