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March Money Maker with Monthly Achievement

Crafting Materials Are the March Money Maker
The monthly was announced for March and it looks like crafters are going to get hit HARD. A huge number of masterwork or better items need to be crafted in order to complete the monthly.

I'm going to layout a collection of tips which will help you make gold during March as well as April. But first, here's a quick horror story from an email that I received today: 

"Hi Christopher,

I've been following your blog for a few months now, and have amassed what for me is a big total of about 140 gold.  I realize this is small peanuts compared to those that play the tp more often.  I pretty much just use it as a supplement to my normal income from just playing.

Awhile back you had mentioned thinking on your own leveling experience and try to use that as a guide for what to invest in.

Well I did that and I had found a nice little market in low level green armors.

I was making about between 2-3 silver per flip and life was peachy.  Well a few days ago (Feb 26th) I had just collected my buy orders and reposted at the normal price.  When I came back the next day (Feb 27th) I saw that someone had posted a sell order a little over half of my sell orders, and a few people had done the normal undercutting you see.

Since the undercut was so heavy I bought up the low sell orders and reposted back up around the normal price.  The total investment ended up being around 6 gold to buy all the low sells in all the markets and then relist.  I was going to make a profit on these items still since they had been undercut SOOO low.

My stock started selling and I started seeing the $ come in, then I got back on the next day (Feb 28th after monthly reset) to see how things were going, I only had about 75 silver waiting.  What's going on I wondered.  I checked my listings and saw that the market across the board had plummeted.  Then I saw the new March monthly that had started that earlier night:

Master Crafter
Craft items of masterwork quality or higher.


Everyone and their dog is crafting low level greens and flooding the market.  So now I've got probably 5 gold of stock sitting on the TP with what looks to be a solid month of constant undercutting.

I'm unsure what to do here.  I can leave everything up and hope that after most people get their monthly or March ends the market will bounce back, or I can remove my listings and vendor them to at least get some of it back.  I'm just not sure.  They're pretty much at all-time lows across the board so you would have to assume they'll bounce back, but there's the added uncertainty of whether they'll bounce all the way back to normal, or if it can bounce back before ANet puts crafting on the monthly again.

I'm not in extreme need of that gold, but I hate having it just sitting there.  What would you do?

Sorry for the long email...  Thank you for your time and for running the blog!"

OK, to answer this person's question and make you all gold, here's my recommendations for March into April.

All masterwork items are going to plummet in price. But the cost of their materials are going to go up. Where can you get materials from besides farming? Loot bags. So one of the best things you can do right now, especially early in the month, is buy up a ton of loot bags for all levels, then sell the materials you get from opening them. Might take some research for each market, but look up online what each bag turns into and you'll have a good idea. Some of the more specific bags don't have a lot they can turn into, so figuring out how much they are worth is far easier.

You can also just buy crafting materials now and slowly sell them off slowly throughout the month. I wouldn't wait until the last minute, but rather, sell in small bunches. That way you take a minimal risk in the event of the market crashing back down because most people have finished their monthly (there's no way to tell when that will happen).

To make money in April and beyond, I would recommend buying out created masterwork items that are valuable normally without the monthly achievement. There are going to be TONS of severely under priced items throughout the entire month. This could be a colossal opportunity to buy entire inventories worth of goods for use not just in April but the rest of the year (if you have the space and gold to invest).

Rares will also go down then up in price, since the achievement says masterwork or higher. So I would focus in on where rares first appear (around 35) and masterwork (around 20). Buy up huge numbers of trinkets, underwater weapons, and anything else that you have experience selling at those levels.


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