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There has been a tremendous amount of fallout from the epic 50 item post, like Reddit's reaction to Grape Pie Filling exploding. As a result, the blog has seen a tremendous amount of traffic, and I personally see the reaction to that epic post becoming a permanent boost to the audience here. Just like the Damn, This is a Gold Guide flipping experiment showed that anyone can make gold on the Trading Post with minimal effort.

I'm no stranger to massive blog followings, in fact, my biggest blog had over 12,000 readers. It took some work, but I managed to create long lasting strategies that didn't ruin the markets because so many people read the same advice. It's time I put those core concepts to work on this blog.

I have covered fast flipping many times over, and on the Private Forums I gave a great guide to the Mystic Forge, Bag Opening, Salvaging, and three other key strategies. So what could I possibly go over next?

I think it's time for week long flipping. Why it works, how you can participate, and how we can avoid stepping on each others toes in the process. Part of this strategy requires education. You should do the following after joining this blog.

Educate Yourself

1. Go back and read previous posts. You will get great ideas that many have forgotten about. Anyone over-investing due to one of my blog posts will eventually become frustrated and the market will return to normal.

2. Think not just about a particular item or strategy, but rather, focus in on other areas of the economy that will change as a result of the post. Learn how different areas of the Guild Wars 2 Trading Post connect with one another.

3. Avoid investing too much of your money into any one market. Always have a way out whether it's crafting or just selling to the highest buy order at the time (some markets don't have a lot of demand, making this impossible if you over invest!).

4. You must understand the basics of over and undercutting. You can find them in the Damn, This is a Gold Guide post in case you have no idea what I'm talking about. Know that placing a buy order puts you at the front of a line of buyers for the same amount, but posting a sell order puts you at the very end of any equally priced items.

Tips for Weekly Flipping

1. Timing Your Flips

Very simply put, long term flipping is about buying Monday to Thursday and selling Friday to Sunday. If you look on sites like GW2Spidy, you will see that many items follow a trend where they are cheaper in the beginning of the week but then spike during the weekend. Usually this rise in price is enough to make a profit, assuming of course that you used buy orders earlier in the week. Rarely will you be able to just buy out normal listings and then flip. Besides, every copper counts, especially when you are selling thousands of items at a time.

2. Avoid Armor

Armor, and other non stacking items in your inventory, really take a long time to sell because you can only take out and list as many items as you can carry. Unless of course you like spending hours on the Trading Post per gold earned, then avoid armor and similar items like it at all costs.

3. Avoid Over-Posting and Re-Posting

I would wait until at least the next week before re-posting your items. You should also avoid posting every single item you possess at one time. If you have 2,000 of item x, then you might want to only list 100 at a time to see how quickly it sells. Once you are comfortable with the markets then you will have a better understanding of this.

4. Small Profits Are Big Wins

In many cases, it's the smaller profits (1-5 copper per item) that pay out the best with this strategy. Most people wouldn't even think of playing with an item that makes them one copper, let alone one copper after a week of waiting. But in many cases, it's the one copper items that sell the fastest! Always look and see if an item that has a one copper profit has a large volume of buy and sell orders.

Find Your Own Markets

You really need to learn how to crawl (forum term I use to describe this) through the trading post and find the best markets. However, unless you constantly write down the prices all day long then you're only going to have a small piece of the information you require to make educated buying/selling decisions. You need help, and I definitely recommend Gold Wars 2 for getting the necessary assistance. [I do not own that service FYI]

If you don't have the funds to purchase such a tool, then I highly recommend getting your hands dirty more often on the Trading Post. Take a look at the different categories of items that can be sold, and just freaking trudge through entire sections of armor, crafting materials, trinkets, pets, dyes, etc. Before these great tools arrived, that's how I found my markets. In fact, I have looked at every single item in the game at least once already.

I hope this post helps all the new people that are joining, and maybe even the old timers will get something out of it. Remember to subscribe, as my email sending robot has a few amazing tips for you. While the robot sends the messages, I personally read and respond to every one of your questions you send back.

We're Not Underground

/Gets on Soapbox

One of the comments on Reddit called this blog, and others like it, something along the lines of an "underground trading website." As if the advice on this blog was dangerous and black market style trading. If anything, the Guild Wars 2 Trading Post Blog is going to shed new light on this game and improve the economy overall. I am absolutely dedicated to making YOU as much gold as possible, with strategies that not only work, but teach you to think on your own. I believe that's why I can write about any game with an economy and quickly grow a following. Because this stuff WORKS.

It's not about the strategies or the speculation, but rather, the way people can be taught to think for themselves and better their lives. Yeah, I said it, this blog could actually improve your life. Laziness extends into gaming, and it is through education that you can rekindle the human spirit. Deep stuff, I know, but you learn a thing or two about helping and teaching people through blogging.

I think I over-blogged today, so I'll take a break and get back to my concise posts tomorrow.


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