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Playing with Fire on the Trading Post

As many of you know, I like to publish interesting emails on the blog so that everyone can benefit form the discussion, and not just myself plus the person emailing me. This could include questions, new methods, or even speculation. Today's email is all about manipulating the marketplace for evil capitalistic purposes.

"Hello Markco!

I've registered to your forum, really cool stuff going on there!

Listen I heard of this Trading Post method, it is a bit shady but many people told me it works.

So you basically go in the trading post and you look for an high demanded item, you buy all the supplies then you resell them at double/triple price.

What do you think? It could work?"
Yes, it definitely could work. I wouldn't consider it shady at all, and the person doing the price setting is taking a big risk. Also, I would recommend placing a few for way too much money, then undercutting yourself once or twice so that people think a bidding war is going on. You're still selling for a huge mark up while unsuspecting buyers think they are getting a deal.

"Yup I heard some people making INSANE amount of money, they start with 1000 gold and then they return with triple or even more.

So basically I tested the method with a low cost item, its name is : Rawhide Legging Panel

I Bought ALL the supplies except the 10s listing, 55s, and 5g listing.

I spent around 4,5 gold.

After some hours I got 22s though I noticed people placing listings at lower pricing than mine... basically I got competitors that ruined my monopoly.

I kind of expected that result becauseRawhide Legging Panel is a very popular item, supplies come back fast and so on.

Do you know a range of items that could make this trick work?

Talk Soon Markco!"
There certainly are tons of markets in the game where supply is limited but demand remains the same. Just got to poke around and find them! I actually did this method with a particular food a few weeks ago. It worked for about three hours until a few observant players caught on and undercut me back down to the normal price. I find that the less competition on the item, the longer I can maintain a monopoly. Eventually you do have to know when to quit and take your wins with your losses, which requires quite a bit of knowledge/experience to get just right every time. I still fail but you just got to keep experimenting until you find the right markets to cycle through as well as the best time to strike. Every market is different!


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