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Poll: Do You Have Consistent Gold Making Strats?

The trading post is a whimsical (seemingly) beast at times, but through the terrible storm we can often find an oasis that earns gold consistently. This could be a weapon that you craft and sell, materials you combine in the mystic forge, or just a random trinket you like to buy low and sell high with. For today's poll, I'd like you to comment on this post regarding whether or not you have a consistent way to make gold.

There's no need to actually discuss the details of your methods, I'm just curious how many people have managed to find some. Either from reading this blog, personal research, or maybe the tp extractor forums.

In case you're curious how many of these I personally know of, I can count on one hand the number of always profitable markets I play. Some things just remain great even when the rest of the economy struggles. The majority of my time on the trading post is spent cycling through dozens of strategies to check and see what's working now (whether that be for buying orders cheap or selling high).

If you have questions please also leave those comments as well. Perhaps myself and others here can help you.


  1. IKnievel said...:

    I just started reading tons of material about making money with the trading post the last few days, but your blog helped me quite the most!

    Yesterday I started investing gold at the trading post for the first time with the starting money of 40g that I earned farming.

    The most time I spent searching and comparing, but in the end I made some investment and some fast flipps and today I woke up with 5 more gold.
    I haven't that one consistent market yet, but I think my direction yet works quite well.

    My problem tho is, that i really hate leaving my money in orders and just love seeing that amount in my bag, where i know it's save :D
    That's why I'm more likely to keep a good part of my moneythere and to stop orders when I don't get the things quite fast. Maybe I have to work there a bit, but i think for the first day it went pretty good.

    A big thanks for all that stuff i could read through at your blog here!

  1. John S said...:

    I've been a long time lurker on your blog, and like many others, the information here has helped immensely. Yes, I have found two techniques that have been steadily earning me gold, despite market fluctuations, for several weeks (and for one of them, for several months). It's nice to sign in and see around 3.5 gold profit sitting there in my trading post tab every time (if anyone's interested, I usually have to invest about 7 gold to make that 3.5 gold profit, and can usually cycle those techniques about once a day).

  1. Noel Hunt said...:

    I found a nice Market on Tuesday and made around 10g without even trying by Sunday. Its a well known market but still 5-15s profit per flip.

  1. Saidurin said...:

    I've been following your blog without commenting for some time now. Your posts are always interesting to read.

    I have found high volume crafting materials to be fairly reliable but sometimes slow to move (with many thousands of others placing listings). The profit per item is rather small but it can add up - flipping 5000 items for 2 copper per item makes me 1 gold. This method in fact was how I made enough gold to purchase my first set of exotic items back in September after the Trading Post started playing nicely!

    After reading one of your posts a while ago I also started trading a lot in low level armor/trinket/weapon items which I can flip for 8-50 copper per item, but I am starting to get annoyed with these as they don't stack, making them take a very long time to relist given inventory space is limited compared to TP listings.

    I don't really know a good method to make gold by crafting, I've found a lot of things don't seem like they have a ton of demand for them, so it is not easy to find something worth crafting. I've made some gold using the mystic forge to upgrade materials a few times however.

    My concern is I am not making enough gold for the amount of effort I put in to listing such a large volume of low profit items (given we can only buy and sell in stacks of 250, and often due to inventory space they must be sold 9-40 at a time for non stacking items).

    I have a fairly decent amount of gold to invest now and I think it is time to move on to something that can get a larger percent return without having to spend an 30-60 minutes putting up sales listings for 10-20c profit items.

    Keep up the good work with the blog. I look forward to seeing new posts!

    Oh yes. One last thing. A few months back I traded almost exclusively in rare minipets, which always seem to have a decent profit per item, but stopped when prices went rather high over wintersday. The minis had a very high cost compared to the profit you made flipping (or a low percentage return), which makes them a lot risker if the price changes much. They also only really sold over the weekends for the most part.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Same technique used since I had 1.5 Gold. When everything sells I'll probably have about 600. I'm not willing to invest a lot of time in this so probably it takes me about 3-4 hours a week to put orders/sell and the estimated profit is of 30 Gold. That estimated part is hard as I have plenty of items and leave them on sale for 3 weeks before listing them again.

    To me the only thing that matters is gold/hour of farming the TP. That's the reason why many techniques are just not interesting to me. I'd rather play the game than spend too much time making money that I don't really need.

  1. Jimmy L said...:

    I can't seem to make profits consistently. It's probably because I'm very inexperienced and impatient with flipping. Buying on Monday and then selling on Saturday is just too much for me.

  1. Aubrey Clow said...:

    I make aboug 25-35g profit on a single item from the mystic forge. It takes about 70-75g to make the item though. However, i had to start with smaller investments in order to build my gold up. I will make anywhere from 2 to 4 per week depending on market and sell price of the end item.

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