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Saving Gold to Farm Gold

If you're serious about making gold through farming, then you're going to have food buffs up at all times, even in WvW. While gold find doesn't get applied to player kills in WvW, the magic find does. Also, magic find and gold find are added to your monster kills in WvW so that alone is a good reason to have it on.

How do you get great buffs for farming from food? You choose usually between the following bars:

The Omnomberry bar gives 30 magic find, 40 gold find, and 10 experience per kill.

The raspberry peach bar gives 26 magic find, 30 gold find, and 10 experience per kill.

Which is the smarter buy? I personally use raspberry peach bars over omnomberry bars. The 4% magic find and 10% gold find isn't worth it in WvW, and isn't that significant of an improvement to justify an extra 2 silver 12 copper investment per half hour. I'm quite content saving a little money and settling with the Raspberry Peach Bars.

Hint: Raspberries are a great item for flipping purposes!


  1. olaf said...:

    Maths on which one to choose...you are essentially paying 2 silver for 10% gold find (ignoring MF...consider it an added bonus). How much gold per 30 minutes until it's worth using omnomberry bars? Easy to work out...

    20 * 0.10 = 2

    So, if you are making 20 silver every half an hour from gold drops from monsters, omnoms are paying for themselves. In CoF they are 100% the one to use. In WvW, stick with raspberry peach or other +stats buffs instead because you wont get close to 20s in half an hour.

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