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Taking Advantage of Your Gold

Someone wrote me an email that was only one line, but it really effected me. It was something similar to:

"Now I get it, you're just using your blog to make gold from other players."

This statement is so wrong that I felt the need to correct it publicly, just in case other people feel the same way. It also fits coming right after the 5 day series on great searches you can use at the trading post.

The idea here is simple, I invest in a market before I tell everyone on the blog about it. I personally do not do this, and it probably wouldn't work out the way someone who thinks this is imagining. Just because I mention something is an easy flip does not mean that the sell price will go up. In most cases, the buy order will increase and potentially meet the sales price, making the item no longer profitable. In rare cases, especially when it comes to speculation, the price could climb enough to increase the buy order, making it only remains profitable to trade if you knew what was going to happen before hand.

While it is potentially possible for me to make gold off the advice I give you, I have yet to try it. To be fair, I do tell people on the forum what I'm going to talk about on the blog from time to time, especially big speculative posts. This gives them an opportunity to try the method before everyone else, and potentially they can take advantage of any over-reaction to the post. Which definitely does happen from time to time. I personally do not do this, but I have no way of stopping others from trying it. Like I said already, the buy order will just reach the sell order in many cases, rendering most speculation pointless. If you get clever about it and speculate based on markets that will be indirectly effected by the post, then that's probably going to work out better for you. That's kind of what happened with the infamous grape pie filling post on reddit.

Think about what I do give to people and consider just how hard it would be for me to take advantage of it. 50 Great Items to Flip? What am I going to do, buy out thousands of all 50 items? No, I just showed you 50 completely random markets that I have used to make good amounts of gold. There are enough covered that the overall effect on each will be minimal from having listed 50 at once. Then there's the 5 day series on great searches. Most of those searches show more than ten items, so once again the impact is spread out amongst many different markets. Also, these particular markets had VERY LARGE gaps between the buy and sell orders. So in most cases, they still remained profitable even after I revealed them to the public.

I would make far more gold by not telling you the markets I play. Even if the price randomly spikes, it will never be as profitable long term as it would have been if I kept a market secret.

While I do agree it's potentially possible for me to take advantage of what I'm going to share with you on the blog, I really have no incentive to do so. I no longer need to buy anything in the game, and I certainly don't need any more gold. My goal is to stay in the mindset of someone who is struggling and needs gold, so I tend to focus in on the easy to average markets. These are gateway strategies that help players get out of bankruptcy and head towards true success on the trading post.

I'm loking forward to continuing to help you improve your trading post game. If members of the forum choose to use my early warnings as opportunities to speculate, then they are still taking a very large risk in doing so. That is their prerogative and I'm sure that many enjoy the act of gambling on such things. But personally I have yet to attempt to take advantage of any post I write here on the blog.


  1. Michael said...:

    +1 sir. I agree it would be potentially possible for you to make gold via the information you release, but you've never struck me as the type to manipulate the masses via the blog to make yourself gold. You featured my email about the low level greens that got bombed by the March monthly, and you seemed to genuinely feel for me. That doesn't seem the type to do what you've been accused of here. It's completely unnecessary. It is so easy to make gold in GW2, especially via the trading post. I don't see any reason to do that, other than to just be a giant douche. However, if that were the goal here, a lot of people would have picked up on that by now and the word would be out. That hasn't happened and I don't believe it will because I don't believe that is the case. I've tried (to varying degrees of success) most strategies you've presented on this blog. I've only lost gold twice (once from the monthly incident and the second time from the mystic forge runes where I just got a streak of flat out terrible RNG). There are pitfalls on the TP, but with the proper amount of caution the TP is an excellent tool to supplement in-game income. Thank you for running this blog, you've consistently provided good strategies and insight into markets I personally wouldn't have thought of and have helped me in a facet of MMOs I've never particularly excelled at (economies). Keep up the good work, sir!

  1. Anonymous said...:

    I don't think you are trying to make money off of your posts. It feels like you value your blog a lot more than the amount of GW2 gold you have.

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