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Two Cool Magic Find Tips

Here are two really good magic find tips for those of you building a magic find set that Sterling emailed me about. At the time he had just received an email from me on how to create a magic find set out of Pirate or Explorer runes.

"DO NOT finish your sixth rune bonus. Instead, put in one rune of the other Magic Find runes to get an additional 10% Magic Find. In other words, if you use Traveler's runes, use only five of them and then one of either Pirate or Noble for that bonus 10% (do this with your Aqua breather, too)!

Don't forget to equip a matching rune on your Aqua Breather, or you'll lose your bonus when in water!"
To paraphrase, get all but one rune in your gear of a single magic find set, then get a rune from a different type to achieve the most magic find. You will also need a rune from your primary set of runes in your Aqua Breather, or else you'll lose the set bonus while under water (I had no idea about this one, thanks Sterling!).

I also advocated the use of less than exotic rings since they all have the same magic find and are way cheaper.


  1. Anonymous said...:

    to get the 60% total MF, does that mean we should equip the aqua breather with a traveler's rune because its the "primary set" or the other "pirate/noble runes"?

  1. Martyrus said...:

    Equip it with the same rune as your helmet, so if you have pirate on your helmet use pirate, if you have traveler on your helmet use traveler ;)

    Markco: I mailed the exact same thing to you about a month or two ago *gg*

    Important addition: In Accessoire you can use the exotic jewel for 4% MF instead of the normal 3%

    For the ascendeds: You can get WAY more MF by using the ascended Items. There is a ring, an earring and an amulet with 10% each (so you have 3% MF more per slot up to a max of 15% for all slots) and you can buy a (help)-Infusion with an additional 30% magic find

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