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Upcoming Blog Carnival Topic for March 15th

Thank you so much for reading this blog. While this isn't my first time starting a community focused around an mmorpg, this has been the most fun so far. The sheer number of quality emails I recieve on a daily basis continue to inspire me and the energy behind these letters is invigorating to say the least. You'll see that in the next couple of days as I will be featuring a lot of your emails in my posts.

Some of you know already, but my life spiraled out of control (almost) six months ago. Two incredibly life changing events, breaking off my engagement and getting rear ended in a car accident, greatly reduced the amount of time I could put into gaming and blogging in general. My time has been spent recovering mostly physically from the accident but also mentally from these experiences. I went from a solid four plus hours of work on my blogs every day to an hour at best.

Recently, I've managed to get back some of that time, albeit slower than I'd like. I have big plans for GW2TP this year, and I'd like to get things rolling by starting a blogging carnival as I have in previous blogs.

Here's how a blogging carnival that I run works. They are rare and everyone does it differently, so pay attention real quick to these simple guidelines.

1. Send me a link to something you wrote or read recently about the carnival's topic.
2. I will feature the link along with a title and description in the blog carnival.

It's that easy. No links back to this blog are required, and even if you don't have a blog you can still participate by highlighting an article elsewhere. These carnivals typically allow even newer bloggers to experience incredible amounts of traffic, and in exchange I get a really great collection of articles to share with my audience. But more importantly, this kind of event promotes the growth of a guild wars 2 trading post community which in turn keeps bloggers writing longer.

The monthly blogging carnival will be hosted on the 15th day of every month. So, in this case, that gives you almost two weeks to get a link in to me by the 14th of March, to then be featured March 15th.

So what's the topic?

Making Gold with Crafting Disciplines

Good luck! Get back to me asap with your link because I'm going to order them based on when I receive them. My email is Markco AT Diablo3GoldGuide DOT net.


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