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50 Gold, 1 Week, No Pressure

How much gold can you make in a week starting with 50 gold? That's what I'm trying to see as I go about creating new videos for the private forum. While I have a few strategies that I'm going to stick to for simplicity's sake, how much do you think that you could make if you started with 50 gold and worked at it for a week?

Perhaps you can take this challenge with me and see how you do. It's been a lot of fun picking the markets I will try and deciding on how best to utilize not just what I started with, but also the new gold coming in before the week is over.

How would you approach this problem, and what would you do differently than you already do now?

What results would you expect?


  1. Anonymous said...:

    Thats exactly the amount I farmed to start with makeing it more in the TP some time ago. I read through your blog here an then managed to make about 75g out of the 50 in my first week of trying.

    I was pretty proud of this, so I am really interested in how much you could have made out of it.

    At the moment I don't think i could make much more, because i still use the same tactics, since they still work really safe and I am too lazy too search for new ones, but maybe I will if I see how much others were able to make out of 50g in that time.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    As of right now, 50 is actually the amount of gold I invest in the TP routinely. If I log on 5-6 times per week and put in around ~30 minutes per play session to the TP, I can profit about 40g. My cycle is 36-48 hours.

    So the profit ratio is pretty consistent. If I get lazy and invest 25g or push it to 75g. Once you reach 100g with my method it becomes very tedious and too time consuming and the ratio drops a bit.

  1. I can't imagine having 50 gold. The most I have had at any given time is 8. It always seems there is fear u need to get or something else I need to spend my funds on.

    I an curious to see how it will change in a future post but all I have to work with is 1 gold. That is all tied in one item of 1000 shares but makes a profit even if it can be slow to sell depending on the day.

    Good luck!

  1. TAP said...:

    I'm no expert with the economy, hell I haven't been able to find a way to effectively make a profit quickly with little effort in the marketplace, BUT I do have an idea of how to make a profit from cooking.

    I've been leveling my cooking craft as high as I can, and finally desired to make a tray of stuff when I discovered I needed a recipe that costs around 10-20 gold which for now I can't afford. I put in an offer for a recipe not on the market yet, and my plan is to make trays of food of said recipe and sell them easily on the marketplace, making steady silver as I go along....

    Now if I had 50 gold to start with, I'd save it until I found a recipe and tray that would make a profit without causing me to spend too much on materials.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    I bought about 200 major sigils. I made 10g and then lost 10g. It seems there is a balancing algorithm to the Mystic toilet.

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