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Become a Master Craftsman in Guild Wars 2

No crafting recipes are profitable right? Wrong. You can use Guild Wars Trade to find profitable crafting recipes as of like 15 minutes ago. Then you look at Guild Wars 2 Wiki to see what materials are required for the recipe (or you look it up in game on your character). Last, but not least, you look up each material on Guild Wars 2 Spidy to see when their prices tend to go up/down.

Purchase the items you looked up on Guild Wars 2 Spidy with buy orders when you expect them to be cheaper. Place the buy orders a little before that time so you're first in line to receive them.

Craft your items later in the week, or next week, for a huge discount compared to what Guild Wars Trade initially told you.

Rinse, repeat, make it a system.

End of Tutorial. You are now a master craftsman in Guild Wars 2.


  1. Anonymous said...:

    Frankly speaking i don't understand... Do you want us to buy "Recipe sheets" and craft items or do you expect us to craft it without recipe (which is impossible for jewelry from dungeons)? Also selling corrupted, destroyer and exotic items are not worth it. Not so long ago i crafted some exotic jewelry for profit ~20s but someone put it on tp with 6s profit and it price went down to lets say 50s loss. There can be little hope for exotic weapons but it take days or weeks before someone will buy them.

  1. Markco said...:

    You got it, exotics are risky deals and you must have the stomach to wait for items to sell, without cancelling! If you're going to baby sit an exotic item then it's not worth doing, and if you can't risk that large amount of money for the return, then it's also not going to work.

    Look to craft not necessarily the items at the top, but the ones that have decent profits compared to the amount you need to invest.

    Hope that helps, maybe I need another post or two on the subject.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Well I can stomach waiting for profit but there is another problem. I wrote that "Ii crafted some exotic jewelry for profit ~20s but someone put it on tp with 6s profit and it price went down to lets say 50s loss." and that's the biggest problem - people are stupid and want 1 copper profit but they want it now (which don't happen) instead wait some time to gain 20 silver profit. My friend had similar problem in WoW - he was selling crafting mats and some people just started posting stack of this item for 1g instead of 50 or so.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Also you must remember that even destroyer item will not sell if you craft speargun with healing power - stats are VERY important factor.

  1. I've been using this method for high level armorsmithing. I can only play 5-10 minutes at a time every here and there for the past few days due to finals week in college, but even then I've made a few gold a day. The key is watching demand for an time, maximizing spread between total cost and return profit by always setting buy listings instead of going with the auto buy option, despite that's how Guild Wars 2 Trade calculates cost. Watch various sites (I use Gold Wars 2) to observe which have a good supply-demand situation when picking items to craft. And NEVER make more than one of these lvl 80 exotics at a time. It takes too long to sell, you'll flood your own market, and people will easily undercut you repeatedly,due to how long it can take to sell, which will burn your profit margin fast.

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