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But How Do I Flip Armor?

"Hey Markco,

I have not been having much luck with the trading post, armour flipping in particular. One of the things I am not sure about is how you choose which armour items to purchase, and also how many of them to buy. Are lower priced items (below 1 silver) better to invest in than higher value ones such as over 10 silver or a few gold and how can you tell if the item that you are buying is going to make you a good profit, or just not sell at all? Any help on this would be much appreciated.
Thanks, Fraser"
 My answer:

I stick to the low level fine and masterwork items (sub level 30). Anything with attack power or vitality will always sell, but in actuality I haven't found an item that didn't eventually sell. Remember that everything scales in WvWvW, so there is more incentive to buy items with good stats.

I used to place buy orders on the ones that made me a few silver, like 1-2 profit each. I would take whatever I managed to buy (usually buy orders of 5) and sell 1-2 at a time.
Honestly, at this point in the game, I almost don't care what stats they have, I just care about how much I'll make selling them. Definitely look into buying the ones that make you like 20-60 copper because they sell really quick.


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