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Fix GW2 TP Error Attempting to Sell

When you look at the following image, what do you see?

Low priced items, lots of them (obviously). What if I told you that each of these items were purchased for around 1/4 of the price you see currently? You're probably thinking...

Yeah, my thoughts exactly. I'll do you one better, each of those stacks started at 250 as of two days ago. So I've gotten back over 11 gold so far from these four auctions in less than 48 hours. Now you're most likely imagining:

Alas, all is not well in paradise. These four auctions are armor items. While immensely profitable, it took me like two hours to process 1000 pieces of armor into my bags and onto the auction house. Part of what takes so long is the damned error message you get (presumably) from selling too many items too quickly. It says something in big red letters like "Error Attempting to Sell." Gosh this is annoying, and I cannot find a way to get around it. If I sell faster than like 1 auction per 10 seconds, I eventually get that error.

ArenaNet, please make my gold making wishes come true. There are many methods I've found that work great for selling armor/weapons, but they are all limited due to this error. Even after making all the gold, I can't bring myself to doing this strategy more than once every two weeks. I have two solutions, and you get to pick one. Aren't I considerate?

Solution #1. No More Error Attempting to Sell

My guess is that this error message prevents bots from selling too quickly and downing the trading post like they did when the game first came out (yes we all can see through your error messages and know this is what really happened). So if you can't get rid of it, then move on to solution #2. The reason this would solve the problem is because I can only load so many pieces of armor into my bag. So if I stuff 55 items into my bag, I still have another 945 waiting to be posted. And they don't all come in as one item at a time. So I end up with 20 from item x, 15 from item y, 1 from item z, and 19 from item v. It gets a lot worse if there are more items to choose from. So now I have 4 auctions to post, with a good chance that by the fourth selling attempt I see Mr. "Error Attempting to Sell" again.

Solution #2. Allow Armor to Stack

If the armor has no jewelry in it, why not allow it to stack? This would allow me to grab all the auctions I won because it would be 250 x, 250 y , 250 z, and 250 v. That's only 4 bag slots and even better just 4 auctions that need listing. The odds of getting that annoying error are much lower, and most likely I could finish posting in under 20 seconds.

You (Reader) Can Make This a Reality

Please help spread this post everyone! Put it on the main forums for gw2, reddit it, facebook, twitter, hell even google plus. Do whatever you can to get this message across to ArenaNet. If either solution is accepted, then I'm totally revealing some of the best flipping markets in the game (and that means more gold for everyone). Hell, even if they just acknowledge the error I will move these strategies to the main stream.


  1. Flenken said...:

    I don't understand why the armor isn't stackable either. I suppose part of it may be the real money factor. Consider this: most of your stackables are things that are pretty low value. The idea is to keep people putting real money into the game, and thus, you need more bank space and more bag space as time goes on. Instead of giving you a stackable armor, they'll see if you get frustrated enough to buy a few extra bag slots.

    My own wish for the trading post would be a better history function. if I bought 5000 potatoes, I don't need to see each individual filled order. Just group them all together with a collapsable menu and let me expand it if I want! If the price is different, that's a different "order" so to speak, so it would be another line. The browsing is quite slow, and sometimes returns a "no items found", due to the web app timing out (my guess).

  1. Anonymous said...:

    There is a way to actually sell these during the error. Instead of reclicking the sell button ten times, just change the price by one copper (simple turn of your mousewheel) and you can sell some more. After a while this also stops working, but it's still better than waiting the whole time

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Weapons and armor didn't stack in Guild Wars 1 either. iirc, someone from the dev/community team long long ago stated it is a function of the way they store the data for those items.

    [tongue in cheek "rant"]
    Furthermore, it would require a major rewrite of the entire game to fix and in the years it would take to make the change, nothing else in the game would get worked on, things would fall into disrepair and everyone would leave the game in disgust. They're really doing us a favor by not fixing this flaw. The difficulty we have with inventory management/selling is a small sacrifice we have to make for the greater good (and of course any gems we purchase in order to buy additional bank/bag slots would not go unappreciated). Really, we should be ashamed of ourselves for having the audacity to be in favor of all the suffering that would be caused by having to fix this issue.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    To my last post, it seems that it doesn't work anymore as of the March patch :(

  1. Saidurin said...:

    What would be wonderful would be selling and buying more than 250 of an item in one order.

    Imagine you want to flip say.. copper ore for a profit of one copper. Instead of making 40 orders of 250, you make one order of 10000.

    Make it so!

  1. George Smith said...:

    I always thought the reason for not letting armor stack was because you then have less incentive to try and increase your inventory and possibly buy bag slots or bank slots off the gem store.

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