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Hey, Where's the First Gold Making Strategy?

Playing any game's economy is about how you think, not which strategy you're following to the letter. With how fluid Guild Wars 2 can be, after all this is a multi-million player trading post, you can't just follow a step by step guide to making gold. You need to learn how to think, and that's exactly what I'm trying to teach you here.

So how does one think their way to hundreds or even thousands of gold? Well it starts off by being able to play the simplest markets and moving on from there.

Where can you make a lot of gold without much effort? Low level markets. Particularly armor.

How much can you make? Well, here's your first lesson. It's not about how much you make total, but what percentage you take in for your time spent. So the real question is.... which items can I play that will make me a high percentage back of what I invested in a reasonable amount of time?

Armor will do just that. If I purchase (using buy order, don't forget that!!!) a 20 copper pair of gloves and sell it for 80 copper in two hours, that's a big deal. PS: You will probably never find a 20 silver or 20 gold item worth 80 silver or 80 gold. When you get into the silver and gold trading, it's all about the 5%-20% markets. But to make copper worth even trying, you need to focus on really high profit percentages.

Don't overlook the copper markets, even if you're an awesome trader. For the newer traders who are scared to lose money... focus on these copper markets 100%. Armor is a good spot, vegetables and other trading materials should be your next step.


  1. Just getting started in the whole market thing, I have been putting a lot of focus on ore. Only making a single copper or two, but i put in a buy order of about 1000. I still stay under a gold investment and the turn around is a day it supplements my normal game play. I hope to expand into more markets but I seem to prefer the volume and wait method for now.

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