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My Spreadsheet is Too Big!

"Hi!  I really enjoy your blog, and you asked for questions/places we're having problems.  Here's mine:
I feel like I spend more time looking things up/updating my spreadsheet than buying/selling or playing the game. I don't have a subscription to any of the trading post sites that ask for them, though several of them allow you a free list to save of your favorites anyway. My big problem is that my buying/selling spreadsheet (simple open office doc) is a mess. I'm not sure how I should set it up - currently I have one line per item per transaction 'group' (i.e., buying a bunch of items), but it's hard to find info I want and some of the data gets obsolete fast.  For my usual purchases/sales it's not too bad, but any time I want to try out something new or diversify, it takes forever to keep the data updated.

Any advice?


My answer:

First off, figure out what data you actually need. What gives you a real edge that makes it worth keeping? You definitely need to reduce how much you track, and you can replace some of the data with sites like gw2spidy.

Second, you probably need to simplify the data you do collect. All I personally write down in my spreadsheet are the name of the market and then two columns to the right: day + profit. That's it. And the profit is a percentage, not a copper/silver/gold value. This allows me to track real progress in markets based on different days.

I used to track the high and lows for the market, but what I quickly learned is that when there was a low profit amount, the market was also usually really low (or the price dropped quickly thereafter when nothing sold due to competition).


  1. Patrick said...:

    I took a lot of time when I started playing the TP to look around on sites like gw2spidy to find out what data they display and what I felt was lacking to get a good overview over a market in just a glimpse. I tweaked my spreadsheet a lot and I think I made at least half of my profit because of the spreadsheets. Here's the link: http://fileflush.com/file/10277/gw2-int.xlsx.html

    Basic instructions: Set the percentage of fees in sheet TP_Settings (you shouldnt have to change them though), and add item names and their ids from sites like gw2spidy in that sheet (Strawberries for example have id 12253). This allows you to click a link in the sheet and go to the gw2spidy page for that item. Everything else is in sheet TP. This should be pretty self explanatory. All the currency is entered and displayed in copper. There are two main columns for the expected profit and the real profit (allows you to decide whether or not to play a specific market again). The only other thing I think I need to explain is the repost column, where you can enter a new price for the item in case you were undercut and need to repost the item. The sheet will then calculate the remaining profit (minus the listing fees you already paid for the first posting). I hope this helps you as much as it helps me, have fun!

  1. kripes said...:

    My spreadsheet is capable of telling me what my profit is, but I only use it when it suits me. The MAIN THINGS I track are the item name, and what I bought it at. My spreadsheet tells me what the minimum relist price is. That way I ensure I never lose money. I may not know exactly how much I'm making off each item, but, I know I'm not losing money.
    When things move REALLY fast, I make a note of it, literally. Those are the ones I make sure to play almost daily. This is called building a portfolio. Without that, I would not advance from a novice flipper.

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