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"So my question is, at the moment on Guild Wars 2, how can you take profit of a little amount of money (10 golds max) to earn more money ? And, if possible, to not despair because it is really hard to keep working on money when you have not a lot of time and see that it is not really what you expected.
I hope you'll answer me or even write a post on your blog to share this with everybody.
Thank you !
French (role)player of Guild Wars 2"

Thanks for the email Laurent. I appreciated the part I didn't include, but I felt it was a little too long to keep for the post. My suggestion for you is to look at the following markets and find something that you enjoy. You already seem to know how to make gold with the markets you mentioned (omitted to protect his markets), so you just need a few more ideas to keep chugging along.




Let me know if these help you find new ideas!


  1. Anonymous said...:

    Laurent here.

    Thank you for the answer. I tried to earn some money past 5 days. I earn around 15 golds during these 5 days.

    Here are my personnal observations (on french Black Lion Market) :
    - rare items can be sold if you can wait a while but is not the efficient way to earn money.
    - Dyes didn't work for me :/. Really high demands and low offers.
    - I didn't try the giver's crude set of weapons
    - Rings are really effective but you have to watch out a lot of the price that other players make. I found some rings at 3 golds per demand that I can sell around 5 to 6 golds and I can deal with around 3-4 rings a day.
    - I didn't try the shadow armor.

    I found that some insignias are really great. I found one à 13 silver coins and sold it around 60 silvers. Buy 50 units of this insignia and you can earn more than 30 silver per insignia (around 19 golds for 50 units) and i could take only one hour of "work". The insigna is the "Robust Cotton Insigna" (the masterpiece one, I tried a translation from French but I'm not really sure of the name). In fact the all "Strong insigna" seems to be great, just as "Robust insigna".

    Your 50 items we can flip for profit didn't work for me, on french servers. The demand price was really high for a really low offer price. Finally, the reyna's set seems to be good but a lot of player tries to buy it, probably because they saw the potential profit so it's really hard to buy 1 piece of this armor. In 5 days, I didn't succeed to have one.

    Just one question : Is the black Lion Market prices and offers/demands are worldwide/Europe zone/US zone or only for a unique server ? Because I think it should be only for a server.

  1. Markco said...:

    World wide, one economy server!

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