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Playing Just for the TP

I don't know about anyone else, but I am slowly but surely weening off typical play on Guild Wars 2. I would much rather log on for an hour, play the trading post, and then log off.

I'm not ok with this, however, because playing the game like a normal player is how you learn what's best to sell to that type of person!

Seriously, think about how often you appraise items in game based on how you would have bought them while leveling or at level 80.

I need your help, to get me interested in other aspects of the game. What would you recommend? Are you in this same predicament, or have you ever experienced something similar?

I'm thinking of buying some crazy PvP gear for a bizarre build or something fun like that.

Your help is appreciated!!!


  1. Michael said...:

    I'm the exact opposite. I've always used the TP to supplement my income via playing, but over the last few weeks I find myself visiting the TP less and less.

    You can:
    1. Go achievement hunting and get yourself to the top of the leaderboard
    2. Complete all the jumping puzzles
    3. Complete your story
    4. Go for World Completion
    5. Have you tried WvW? You can try just running with the zerg or (my preference) solo/small group roaming. If you roam in a zone with outmanned you don't have to worry about armor repairs while you learn.
    6. **Make** a legendary
    7. Level an alt/try new classes
    8. Randomly make someone's day/confuse the crap out of them by sending them high value item/gold.
    9. Max crafting professions
    10. Is it possible to hit max level in tutorial area? o_O
    11. Do dungeons
    12. Learn how to solo dungeons/hard dungeon bosses/etc and post youtube videos to show off your uber-1337ness and rant about how everything is too easy.
    13. Band together with a group of like-minded uber-rich players and manipulate the precursor market. Would you use this power for good or evil?

  1. tocos a said...:

    Yes try WvW it is the most fun when you are in a big wvw server tier 1 or 2 is best.

  1. Unknown said...:

    WvW is very fun!!!! i have done my gold there mostly, Find a good Guild and if you server is on Tier 1 or 2 much better.
    I.E: im on blackgate Tier 1 NA server and we are outmanned a lot, but since my guild is very good at WvW ( ICoa ) we mostly do very good fights, so even if you die you will get fun how killing zergs bigger than yours and that mean a lot of Bags that you will pick and if you beat its them that is much better :).
    Anyway you dont need to be a rich person to WvW, follow the zerg learn from them and have fun. If you are a rich person in the game you can help your guild and server to have more blueprints and others stuff that will help to improve your server score and zergs.
    PD: sorry for my bad english.

  1. Martyrus Marvein said...:

    Even though you can't BUY PvP gear but have to play for it ( ;) ) the PvP is total fun. Every Build in GW2 has a counter-build that has another counter-build and so on.
    WvW is also fun, the mass of players, especially with the new culling that is able to show you EVERY player near your location, gives a totally new feeling in the game.
    Another idea would be to drop GW2 cause of it's lack of endgame (I mean... really... you have achieved everything once you cleared all dungeonpaths, played some repetitive fractals and have your full exotic and Ascended gear...) and try something new, for example EVE Online

  1. Laurent said...:

    I'm a roleplayer. I can tell you that it takes a lot of game time and it is always different every single day.

    In a other hand, I play a lot PvE for loot and I am trying to craft a legendary weapon (the shield) and a sword (Eternal Light) because of my roleplay? This roleplay give me some objectives to accomplish for my character.

    WvW is very interesting and classical PvP too. I recommend it.

    Play dungeons to buy every armor and every weapon just for collection. :)

    You can explore 100% of the map and do all jumping puzzles (I love it !). Then, you can look for every lore texts hidden in the world to learn a lot about GW2 background.

    And, the greatest advice I can give you is : If you stop playing, just send me your gold ! :p. Just kidding ;)

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