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Salvage and Flipping Methods Next Week

Next week I will be showcasing four strategies that will make you a much better trading post player. Two flipping and two salvaging methods that earn decent money on their own, but will act as gateway tips leading to bigger markets. (At least I hope they will for you.)

Members of the forum already have access to these methods, so if you want to take advantage (especially the salvaging stuff that I know will get swamped during the weekend) then you should definitely join the private forums here and then check out the speculation section. That's where I post blog strategies early so members can take advantage of them before anyone else.

There's also a bunch of guides I've written/recorded/video taped to keep you occupied between blog posts as well. Don't forget to talk it out with other auctioneers on the trading post, especially with the Super Box Skin Speculation and what not.

Good luck, can't wait to showcase some cool methods next week. Have a great weekend!


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