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Salvaging For Jute Scraps

I place buy orders on level 12 Precise Country Gloves and Precise Country Boots. They have a 17 copper and 18 copper minimum buy order but nobody seems to be placing orders right now so I got 100 of them for that minimum price.

The Jute scraps I received (1-3 per salvage attempt) could be combined into Blots of Jute in order to make 1 copper more per two jute scraps. I also buy my basic salvage kits for Karma, so I don't count the cost (it's a fraction of a copper if you consider that Karma can become money in different ways).

There you have it, one more solid strategy for new and old players alike. I averaged something like 1.5 scraps per salvage, so times 100 = 150 cloth. Combining into bolts gave me 35 copper instead of 34 copper per two scraps. That's 75 x 35 = 2 silver 63 copper when all is sold (in like 5 seconds). Initial cost was 1 silver 75 copper, so 88 copper profit before fees. After fees is 49 copper.

WOAH, what a crappy strategy huh? Actually, that 49 copper is 28% profit from original investment. That's not an easy thing to accomplish, especially with something as repeatable as this. See if you can't find other items to salvage for a profit. HINT: It's usually the cloth from light armor that works with this method!

ANOTHER BIG HINT: Try going down a few levels to find other items that can be salvaged for a profit. One of them is vital country gloves. I've said too much!


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