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Stupid Botters Ruining GW2

"Hi again Markco,

Done a bit of thinking about this. It might just be me still getting the hang of flipping but is there any more info for new traders on how to identify what is selling. For instance when I was getting started I wasted quite a bit of money trying to flip the 30-60 masterwork weapons that have the highest sell price but a tiny buy price. One example being the level 50 Penetrating Krytan Staff of the night. This item is listed at roughly 1g but can be bought for around 26s. To the untrained eye this is quite a margin until they realise it's not being bought at that price.

I'm still struggling to use gw2spidy to identify consistently what's going to sell at roughly what price when you get graphs like the one for the krytan staff above. Perhaps a simple explanation for what all the different figures represent/mean might make it easier for newcomers to interpret the graphs and start finding viable markets worthy of sharing with others on the forum.

Apologies if this is me just being a bit slow.


You're on the right track. I too noticed the crazy profit margin for "of the night" stuff, but have had no luck selling it. So you're not the only one! Generally speaking, you should think twice about flipping something with more than 200% profit after fees. That's just not realistic in 99.99% of cases! Now, I do know of a few armor items that you can buy for a few copper and sell for a few silver, but that is the super rare exception to this rule.

I think it's possible that botters use things like this "Krytan Staff of the Night" to trade gold to each other. That way it's a bunch of small transactions and if some person actually buys it that's not a botter, then they just made some easy gold off them.


  1. I have seen this as well, it is still possible to make a profit off of those items though, but you will have to cut the margin to around a 100% or a little less. When flipping you are basically making money off people who are either to lazy or to impatient to purchase through a buy order. If the difference between buy and sales orders is to big though they will have an incentive to stop being lazy or impatient. So you have to make sure the margin is high enough to make a good profit, but low enough to lure them into buying off your sales order.

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