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Super Adventure Box Skins

A lot of people on our private forums have been arguing about what to do with Super Adventure Box Skins. Super Greatsword Skin is the most expensive one, and my advice for this one as well as all the others is as follows. (If you're not a member of the forum and my complimentary gold guide that goes with being a member... join today!)

Buy them during the last week of the event.

Sell them three months after the event.

I know you want to buy now and hoard for later, but so does every other person who's thinking ahead. The people who want these skins immediately are going to save up for it now and grab it by playing the super adventure. So your buyers are a handful of "super" lazy people right now. In other words, supply is up and demand is way too low. This is going to drive down prices, but that will all change when the event ends (but not before!).

I plan on buying one or two of each skin, then sell them off when they become super rare. If you look at Halloween skins, they are selling for crazy amounts of gold. Partly because they're awesome, but also because they have almost all been bought out. I'm not just looking at the sell orders either, but the buy orders as well for those skins. I remember when they were super cheap. In fact, I wrote a post once about flipping the shoulder skin when it was only a silver.

The fact that these skins are already expensive, despite the fact that I think they're not "super" hard to get at if you dedicate yourself to playing the april fool's event, shows that they are going to be worth a lot more when the supply starts drying up.


  1. Martyrus said...:

    Fun question: How the FUCK do you get those skins in the first place? The skins that you can buy via the adventurebox-stuff are account-bound, using them on an item makes that account-bound too...

  1. Markco said...:

    You win them in boss chests.

  1. question is,if i got a skin as a drop,do i sell it now or do i keep it?

  1. Alan D said...:

    Gs and shields are already being fliped hard. Today they started it with normal swords ( they are cool looking so they would go up anyway). They went from 8 to 18 g in 1 hour period (13-14 g buyorders). I managed to buy few at 13g and sell em at 17 in a blink of en eye (seems someone is buying them out) pure profit :D tnx for the hint

  1. Anonymous said...:

    I'm still 50/50 with this market since Anet is planning to release the other 2 world every few months so hoarding them now to resell later like the Halloween skin might not work out the same . Although stocking up some now to resell near the end of April look more promising and less riskier.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Ya, just remember that unlike halloween, we already know that these skins are going to be back for the exact same currency in the future, so the super lazy people have no real incentive to buy from the TP. I honestly doubt the market on these skins is going to rise much; it's much more likely to sink like a rock.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    You call people "lazy" who gona do other paths. But I think it stupid to post this tip to everybody. Know more will do this and you will get less from the skins. Looser

  1. Markco said...:

    Hugs are free. Want one?

  1. Anonymous said...:

    "Buy them during the last week of the event." really ? In my opinion last week is too late because there are less and less people doing adventure box and skin's rate drop is lower than begining ,so skin's price driving up.

    Sorry for my poor english

  1. Anonymous said...:

    The Developer (Josh) has confirmed that the existing skins will not be available again, even when SAB returns in the future. That should help the price to rise in the long-term?

  1. Anonymous said...:

    The skills are a 1 in 50 chance from the end chest, this tradingpost guy is just scamming the shit out of anyone that uses this website. Obviously he probably hoards them and dumps them on all of you saying they won't go up before the event ends... wrong, last week = obvious spike in price. Now would be the time to DUMP them, while buying them early on in the event.

    Really.. most of these skins are 20-70g (2-5x the price from when they first came out) yet far cheaper than the h'ween skins that have been around for 5 months... don't listen to this dipshit tradingpost guy, he is just using the people that come here to bid/buy skins that he probably has stocked up already.

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