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Super Box Skin Investing: Great Sword and Beyond

Early on in the month I said that the Superbox skins would be worth far more after the event, and I asked that everyone not sell their entire stockpile of skins. I also predicted that prices would dip at the very end of the month (last two days - ish) due to all the people who wanted the skin having farmed it already or bought it over the past weekend. I wasn't right about that last part, as the skins continue to rise in price, but I was right in telling you to hold on to them.

At the moment, I would recommend selling 1/2 your stock of superbox skins, especially the more popular ones. But hang on to the rest for a big pay off later on down the road. They will only increase in price, just like the halloween skins. But they won't sell as quickly as they can now.  Hence my decision to sell half now and half later, slowly over time.

How you sell them is important. Do not undercut by a copper. Instead, post a healthy 20% lower than the nearest skin. If you were smart and invested early on, then you will be able to post the skins for massive profits even at 1/2 of the current price. The 20% undercut will ensure that you are purchased quickly, and if you go down as low as 50% then other investors will buy you out.

I am likening this market to exotics, the numbers are very similar. Definitely put out some buy orders before the event ends, and see if the price does dip like I thought it would at the very end of the event. I could be wrong, but it's worth at least investigating even after the buzz around these items dies down.

FYI: I have a new strategy that will go live on Friday, and private forum members already have access to it. Might want to join if you've been on the fence about it!


  1. Anonymous said...:

    Can you speculate at what stage they will eventually go up? Sitting on alot here (just like everyone else...)

  1. Leafar said...:

    When everyone else don't want to sit on them anymore.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    I think greatsword and shield rise up to 100 one month later the others between 40 and 50 three monts after sab.It s only my personal opinion so i buy skins 1 day ago because i didn t have money during the event. Hope to be successfull in my speculate. Do you agree with me ?

  1. Anonymous said...:

    They are getting cheaper and cheaper, day by day.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    I expected that they will get cheaper after the event like the skins after halloween. Some days ago i bought shields for 10g but i dont think that they will get much cheaper. I think they will rise in the next time if they dont release new levels of the sab.

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