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What's Wrong With 3 Gold Guide Strategies?

Ricardo writes:
"Hi Markco,

My name is Ricardo and I've been playing GW2 since it launched but with some big stops in between (I didn't play from October to this February for instance).

Now that I returned to the game, I'm even more excited about it, and decided to start making some gold that could buy me some good items that I wanted, but then I really got into it, and now I almost log in just to look at the trading post.

I play with my girlfriend and this is what we've been doing:

First, I thought it was a good idea to buy lots of the cheaper normal dyes (50~70 copper each), and then combining them in the mystic forge. I would spend like 1,70 gold total (50 x 4 dyes), and when lucky, I would sell dyes for 1G or 80 silver (Gold dye for instance). I was obviously attracted to the gambling part, and in a day I noticed it didn't pay of as much as I wanted.

Second, we started placing custom offers for gossamer scraps (1s30c) 250 stacks at once (2 or 3). We wait 1 or 2 days, we collected the scraps, turn them into bolts, and sold them for 3s20c or so each. That made some money.

Third, instead of turning them into bolts and then selling, we use my girlfriend's tailor (400) and made superior runes of the pirate. We just had to buy the platinum doubloons for 40 or so silver. The runes sold for 60 or so, and that made something like 20 gold for her, and 3 or 4 gold for me (I was more into the Cursed Shore farming, so I didn't spend much time in the trading post.

All in all, I think I could be making much more gold than I am now.

So what I want from you is simple, tell me what is wrong with the above.
Questions about GW2: is farming more efficient than making gold on the trading post ?

Thanks for reading."
Nothing is wrong with anything you've tried! That method for gossamer scraps is solid; have you considered additional markets with other tiers of cloth? Have you tried diversifying to more than one item from the same crafting materials?

Also, I think you're trying to muscle your way through making gold. When I trade, I am happy to find flipping markets which earn 5-15% of my investment back consistently (that's the key word). That's only 15 silver max for a 1 gold investment.

While there are methods (like you've discovered) that make money through following a systematic routine, my favorite earner is straight up day trading.
Start with white quality crafting materials and look for items that will earn you 1-10 copper (after fees of course and) after a buy order for one copper more than highest and a sell order with a one copper undercut. That will be far less effort and allow you to adapt when markets dry up.
Keep experimenting and trying new things, but also don't be afraid to look at what you've already done right and try to enhance it. Like that dye method of yours, you can straight up flip the dyes instead of combining them at the forge, mostly to other people who do want to gamble.


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