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Where's the Gold in Guild Wars 2?

One of the challenges to making gold in Guild Wars 2 is the lack of reasons to spend it. A lot of the gear you need is obtained through the gameplay itself, instead of from gold acquired while playing the game. This has its advantages and disadvantages: people have more gold to spend, but demand for items is not as great. A large portion of the economy is based on gambling, which is why you don't see the value of gold dropping like a rock. When you do want items, you're often tempted to gamble for them in order to get a deal. Like a legendary, which is really just a skin. Do we need it? No, but when we do want it then a large portion of gold is needed. Since there isn't much use for gold beyond vanity once you hit end game, that's basically all it's used for.

A pattern I'm seeing, especially because I'm focused on three games now (WoW, D3, and GW2), is that leveling items continue to be a backbone for earning gold. Especially when the end game is lacking, then leveling items really shine.

In Guild Wars 2 things are no different. The bulk of my sales are non level 80 items. So if you want to craft something valuable using the quick method I revealed previously on this blog, then perhaps you should focus on the leveling items that are profitable and not the exotics.

Here's another tip: players need excuses to spend their money. When they don't have any, they hoard it knowing that something will come along. When it does, such as a special event or holiday item, then they spend like crazy. Prepare for these events as best you can, and never spend all your gold on the TP so that you have some capital to work with.


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