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Calm the Hell Down

Someone spammed this blog with very angry comments claiming that I was trying to scam everyone with the Karka shell post. First of all, people who took my advice on the forums first and then the blog, had the potential to make a decent amount of gold. Obviously they had to buy and then sell their karka shells prior to the patch going live, but I did mention that when I blogged about it.

Several astute comments have mentioned that it might be wise to buy up shells now that they are so low, as this is potentially an over-reaction to the news. We don't know how many shells will be spent by each player and whether market supply will keep up with demand.

Remember my post on Azurite Speculating and how I talked about ways to avoid gambling? Well one person commented that they lost 60% of their gold from the Karka Shells!!! I appreciate your trust, but damn, I warned you all about over-speculating. How much money did I put into Karka Shells? Less than 1% of my total income. Just a few stacks is all.

Oh, btw, Azurite has been a serious money maker. So if you diversified into just Karka Shells and Azurite items you would have done just fine.

So please, complain to me so that I may better my blog, but don't accuse me of intentionally misleading anyone.

I understand that 99.99% of you have been extremely supportive and gracious towards my speculation posting, so this isn't really directed at you (the advice is, but not my complaint). Thank you!

PS: If you need help making gold and are lost, please listen to this podcast!

Podcast with Walk-through/Tutorial on Making Gold

Markco OUT!


  1. It's a petty people respond like that. First of all any post on your blog that is not about actual margins at that moment, but about what you think will happen is speculation. After your post about speculation people should have clear it involves risk and is based on a possible scenario that might work out entirely differently.

    The people complaining are the ones that follow sheep like behaviour and follow you like lemmings even if you jump off the cliff. By far the greatest teaching on your blog is for people to think for themselves, apparantly they missed that lesson.

    I for myself decided not to buy the karka shells when you sugested as I thought prices would go down once the Southsun Cove living story would go live which it did, and I didn't have time to sell the karka shells before, so I didn't take a chance. I invested some money in the shells now as when the activity dies down after we move to another section of he world prices will likely normalize. (That's just my scenario, who knows what happens in the future...)

    Keep up the good work.

  1. jokimazi said...:

    Shit happens. I invested in 2 stacks, lost some golds, but Sentinel inscriptions and Azurite items made me pretty huge profit + daily armor flipping, so not even I broke evene, I earned nice amount of profit. :)

    Kindest Regards,

  1. Anon Trader said...:


    The reason i was so angry at you is that i know a lot of people online who follow your blog who have made massive losses due to your karka shell post!
    This usually wouldnt bother me but I was recently dismissed and told i was an idiot for telling people not to invest in the karka shells because i started flipping a lot later than them and therefore have less gold. [not anymore lol]

    I apologize for how i reacted but it made me very angry that i was dismissed like a fool when in fact i was correct in the statement i made to them
    and i was also kicked from the guild because i told them they are idiots for investing 1000's of gold between them into karka shell's

    Since this point i have removed them from my sharing on google documents and they now are relying 100% on the information you give them.... <Sheep lol

    Once again i apologize that i vented my frustration out on your blog rather than being civil. [Recently quit smoking aswell]

    Your Sincerely
    Anon Trader

  1. Markco said...:

    Good for you. Though Karla trading is not over. There's still a chance for a comeback.

    That being said, this is one strategy amongst hundreds on the blog. Nobody should be investing all their gold into any strategy, regardless of who recommends it.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    as said as first comment on karka shells post, STAY OUT OF KARKA SHELLS!!

    and if i may STAY OUT OF PASSION FLOWERS!!


  1. Anon Trader said...:

    there is definitely a chance to recoup the money since when the event ends southsun is still a useless area for farming since the mobs hit like hell.

    That being said you win some you lose some.

    I made a massive loss on super greatsword skin's they might still go back up but i needed quick gold so i instant sold the 25 i had so i could get my lodestones for my legendary

  1. Steve White said...:

    One of the reasons to subscribe to the private forums is that you will associate with users do not miss huge opportunities for real gold due to panic or initial failure.

    While the mainstream is panicking and fleeing and warning others to "STAY OUT OF KARKA SHELLS", the private forum members notice that when prices drop due to an isolated, temporary, predictable spike in supply (did I mention temporary?) then there is tremendous profit to be made after the event ends when the supply normalizes and prices go back to where they were.

    Looking to subsidize your losses if you bought too early? Leaving too early may be a bigger mistake.

  1. Steve White said...:

    Might I also add that making gold through speculation is a game of predicting the future, and as such, even the most logical prediction is subject to thousands of unpredictable, uncontrollable variables.

    That being said, speculation investment is a HIGH RISK venture best suited for those able to think things out on their own and take personal responsibility for their actions.

    If you are content to let others do the thinking, or are otherwise looking for a cookie-cutter build for your gold-making warrior, may I suggest that speculation is not for you. It may be best to stick with flipping, which is a low-risk, steady-reward venture that is highly respectable and very profitable.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    so your the bastard that screwed up my grape racket >.>
    hahaha all good though (; thanks for the tips

  1. Saidurin said...:

    Semi-related to this topic:

    Can you please do a post about designing an investment portfolio, detailing your recommendations on what percentages of your gold to put into different market categories once you have a decent amount of seed money? (Categories = crafting mats, cooking mats, dyes, low level weapons, exotics, precursor etc)


  1. Anonymous said...:

    First thank you for all the tips but i seem to be very unlucky

    say i have 25 gold to invest and i need to get around 120 in 3-4 weeks
    1) is it doable
    2) what would be the safest / best method ?

    I basicaly ask the same thing as Saidurin
    Not asking for the gold winning secret here, just a bit more help :)


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