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Change How You Think About Gold

There's a lot more to what I blog about than just tips and hints towards making more gold. This blog is literally a fly zapper, attracting people who want instant profits and zapping them with reality. Sure, you can make 40-50 gold per day on the trading post, but only if you put the time into learning and experiencing this game within a game. So I hold out this promise like a bug zapper hangs in a tree. Flies come from all around, attracted to the light, only to be zapped and brought back to a painful reality.

Is my analogy a little extreme? Probably, but the truth is, I would never get your attention if I promised you "solid gold making strategies that take time to learn." People don't want to learn how to think about making gold, they just want to make gold. So I show them methods that work, sometimes based on time (speculation) and others based on small, consistent gains (like flipping crafting materials). These are my bug zappers. They are shiny, promise the world, and ground the people who are flying around looking for impossible "secrets to the trading post."

There are millions of people all playing on the same trading post. If you want to beat the masses, then you can't think like the masses. But the problem is, we all begin as a part of the hive mind. The moronic following of "secrets" in order to earn more gold usually leads to frustration and eventually wasting money on the trading post. So I use the terrible habit that we all begin with, and I zap you. I show you the truth: you can make plenty of gold once you learn how to think differently about the trading post. Understanding leads to insight, and that leads to profit.

Your first lesson: Think like a buyer.

What do they want?
Can you get it to them?
Will you make a profit?

ZAP! Welcome to the Guild Wars 2 Trading Post Blog and Gold Guide.


  1. Saidurin said...:

    Surely I cannot be the only one that finds learning how to be better at making gold in the game fairly fascinating beyond simply the fact that you, you know, get gold? ;)

    But then again, I enjoy learning about things I don't know and how to be awesome at them in general!

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