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Finished Crafting the Legendary Sunrise

I'm very grateful to the work you have done here.  It is rare to see someone who teaches "tortoise and hare" principles in making gold.  In a world where empty promises of fast and easy wealth abound, you offer slow, steady realistic growth that actually works.  I've followed your advice since "Wrath of the Lich King", and the methods you teach have not only been tried and true, but consistently so.  Most worthwhile of all, you do not simply provide markets to to blindly mimic, but you provide us the means in which to stand on our own feet.  This timely knowledge transcends patch, expansion, economic shift, and even game.  The skills you instilled while I played World of Warcraft required very little adaptation to be viable in Guild Wars 2, and crafting the legendary, Sunrise, was a breeze.
Thanks again for teaching me to fish,

Thank you Steve, it's people like you that give me the second wind I need to keep trucking along with all these games and strategies. Congratulations on your legendary!

For those who are struggling, definitely check out the latest podcast I did on The Siege!


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