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Flipping Platinum Ore Secret

Any time you discover an item in the top 10 lists for the trading post that is profitable is a time to celebrate (and take action).

This rare occurrence happened last night, and I told the private forums about it immediately!

Platinum Ore Secret Price
Flipping Platinum Ore

I know the image to the left says 11 copper, but in reality the price was closer to 65 copper at the time!

I placed my Buy Orders for 45 Copper.
I sold the platinum ore for 62 Copper.
Profit after taxes:  Approximately 7.7 Copper each.

I was undercutting the sell order by 1 copper and over-cutting the buy order by 1 copper in order to achieve these results.

Every 30 seconds I would pick up my buy orders and list them for sale. I'm not sure exactly how quickly I was making each gold, but probably every 2 minutes. And I could do other things at the same time, so it was a sweet deal :)

Whenever I went to sell my platinum ore, I would check to see if I was still the lowest seller. As long as it said the lowest seller was my price and there was only 1 seller, then I added to my current listing. Otherwise I undercut myself and the new lister. Things sold so fast it didn't even matter probably, but I wanted to be absolutely sure I kept the money turning over and back into my pocket.

PS: I don't know why platinum ore supply recently dropped, but it is definitely having an effect on the price. Could be an internal change or some very powerful trading post baron making a move. Either way, it's easy gold at the moment.

EDIT: This was supposed to go live YESTERDAY. I had it as a draft by mistake. Sorry everyone!!


  1. Anonymous said...:

    After "some very powerful trading post baron" bought the platinum ore, the ingot price was still down and had the same price as the ore(1 ore!! 2ore=1ingot). That was an perfect opportunity. Bought at around 50copper(or lower) and sold for 1,1s.

    I wonder if dowels will increase...they would cost up to 4-7s atm but are listed around 0,5s or even lower sometimes. They are the basic craftingredients for many recipes, but apparently there isnt a huge demand, if this would change they could give huge profits.

    Gonna buy some settlers rings and acessorry(they will have a higher demand as an amulet) aswell. Apothecary crafts will probably be expensive after event-end again, without the passionflower ressource node I guess. And if ectoplasm prices go up, exotics(which are very cheap, like settler items atm) go up aswell. Only a question of demand after these new stats..
    But im optimistic because at least they cant fall much because of the ecto Limit..

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