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Happy Memorial Day

Hi everyone, it's Markco again. I've had a really hectic but fun memorial weekend. Unfortunately, I haven't had any time to play Guild Wars 2 and my lack of posts reflect this fact. I want to thank every person who reads this blog and has served their country overseas or otherwise.

Thank you for your service! I'll be back with posts after the holiday. But here's a quick tip:

Vitality is one of the best stats in the game. However, when players are first starting out they don't put much emphasis on it. BUT, some people play WvWvW, and they know that vitality scales on their gear even if they're level 1. These are the people who do buy low level vitality/toughness equipment.

So if you're currently ignoring certain items because they have vitality and/or toughness, reconsider your decision. They sell just as quickly as the straight power items, even if they aren't selling for as much.

Weapons, on the other hand, tend to sell best if they have things like "force" increasing their damage at lower levels. Giver and half-eaten also sell remarkably well.


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