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How to Read GW2Spidy Charts Correctly (Even Small Children Can Grasp This)

Here's a super easy way to read the graph, sorry small children, I don't mean to insult you!

Click on each of the options (did you know you could click on them?) until only the green and orange lines remain. The ones you grayed out show volume of sales which only tells you how popular the items are. While this is valuable information, for most items it isn't necessary because you already know they are popular from using them yourself frequently. Now, the green line is sell price and the orange line is buy price. These are averages of averages, so you will see values above and below these values. Anytime you notice a gap between the green and orange line, then that was an opportunity to sell.

A consistent but profitable market will have the green line frequently spiking upwards while the orange line remains relatively steady around a certain price. If you see such gaps, then you have found something worth flipping. Provided that the gaps are somewhat frequent.

Problem is, most items don't rise and fall enough to make a profit just from flipping. So you need to improvise in other ways... like salvaging.

I place buy orders on salvage materials (there are multiple items that you can purchase to salvage into the same materials) at the bottom value. Then I purchase crude salvage kits with karma to turn those salvage materials into their respective tier's loot. When I sell, I usually take a very small loss or a huge gain, which averages out to a profit.

Go explore some new markets and see if you can't predict your profits before you even start investing. Don't interpret failure as a deterrence, but instead as a way to learn new lessons.


  1. Phil said...:

    This is exactly the method I used to find markets so far, especially ones with almost no competition. Together with selling only part of my stock my profit per day has grown by almost 100% to what it was before.
    The only factor now is my own lazyness preventing me from clicking around til I find new markets/items worth flipping.
    I am not a fan of salvaging though, too much click-click-click involved. It annoys me to no ends.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Thanks Markco,brilliantly helpful as always.

  1. Gold Wars 2 said...:

    Thanks for showing how how to avoid cluttering up the item charts with unnecessary data. Over at Gold Wars 2, we use GW2Spidy's item charts. Thanks to your suggestion, I've tweaked his charting to hide anything but the raw buying and selling data lines.

  1. Marcus Jackman said...:

    I'm very new to the trade post, and I'm very interested in further understanding the graphs and grasping what they are telling me. Do you happen to have a more in depth article or post that discusses understanding the trade post graphs i.e. what is good, what is bad?

  1. Anonymous said...:

    I'm trying to get a full understanding of how to analyze and grasp the trade post, but primarily the graphs on websites such as www.gw2spidy.com. I'm not sure what is good and what is bad and why. Do you happen to have a more in-depth post or article that explains how to analyze the charts, and understand what the graphs themselves are telling you about an item?

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