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Infinite Molten Berserker Tonic

Anyone else conduct some speculation  on "Flame and Frost"? Well, if you did, then your glacial and molten lodestones/cores have finally become valuable.

What you probably didn't notice, was the lack of increase in value of heavy ritual bags, which have a chance of giving you molten lodestones and cores. Actually, they went DOWN in price. To get a molten lodestone, you need to buy approximately 760 large ritual bags. That would cost you around 16 gold. Not really worth the risk for an 80 silver item.

The lost orrian jewelry box was an option for glacial items, but not worth the risk as well.

So what did I end up doing once my supply of lodestones and cores ran out that I had stockpiled before the event?

I flipped. HARD.

With a small profit margin of 2 silver at worst and 4 silver at best, I kept placing small buy orders and then listed as soon as they were filled. This was a fun distraction while doing other, more tedious trading post activities.

Regarding yesterday's post on turning Dyes to Gold, please go back and try it in the coming weeks after the craziness dyes down (pun intended). The post was published to reddit by someone and all hell broke loose on the market. Not to mention all the forum members who prepared for it.

To make up for that post, I have created a much better mystic forge strategy in the forum. It's the "unlikely mystic forge strategy" under my crazy thoughts section of the forum.


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