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Mystic Forge Method Friday

Friday I will be announcing a pretty awesome strategy for making gold with very small investments. It's a mystic forge option, so there is risk involved, but if you do the math then you'll greatly reduce your chance of failure. The forums have been alerted to this method far in advance, so they've been able to take advantage of it before anyone else. Some members have also prepared for the coming wave of potential buyers that will likely result from Friday's announcement as well.

I've also just created a new strategy for forum members, that is unrelated to tomorrow's announcement. I call it : "the unlikely mystic forge money maker"

Now, I have a very important announcement for anyone considering the forum currently.

The private forum is becoming rather crowded, of late, and I feel the need to make changes to how much it costs to join. In the past few weeks, we've hit times where there were over 70 people online, which is quite a bit for a private forum where people pay for access. In contrast, my Diablo 3 forum only has around 20 people on at the same time. Next week, starting Monday, I will be removing the option to buy 3 months of forum credit. You will instead be able to choose between 6 months or a year, and the year option has been reduced to make it an even better deal than it was already. If the forum continues to swell with new members then I will reduce the options down to just the one year plan.

Buying 3 month and 6 month increments actually makes me more money than if you buy a one year of forum time, so the goal here is not to bring more money to the website. Instead, I want to further limit the number of people joining on a daily basis (right now 1-3 people purchase access every day). I am trying to include new content, videos, etc, and as the forum grows in popularity there are reductions in the power of my strategies. I warned that this day could happen when I first created the forum, and I'm both happy and sad to have to make changes. In the long run it will be better for current members and only bring in those people who really want to both learn and help one another in our forum. Maintaining the integrity of the forum is more important to me than the money I will lose from this change.

The current payment options can be found on the Order Forum Credit page. Just remember to register for free before you buy anything. If you have any issues, just email me and I will add your time manually, refund you if you double purchased, etc. If you'd like to join the forum for less money up front (even though, again, I reduced the one year option to make it an even better deal), then your last chance will be Monday of next week. I hope to see people who want to try the forum for cheaper jump in this weekend, but after that I expect the number of new joiners to be greatly reduced.

If you have an alternative solution that you feel would be a better option, please don't hesitate to comment. Also, I'm all ears for improvements you want in the forum or discussions you would like to see me cover on the blog. Let's take today to discuss the inner workings of this site and how I can improve it in order to better your experience here.


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