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Selling Too Many Items At Once

"I feel bad for badgering you for free advice, but I have a question about hard core flipping. I'm flipping about 3 different types of armor light, heavy, and medium, for the 6 types (Coats, hats, gloves, Leggings, boots, pauldrons) and doing about 50  - 100 armors each. I'm not losing to much money as far as I can tell, and not over investing, only putting in about 4 G.

I've been selling them over the course of the week, for whatever price they are at the time of sale, and not taking them down until a week after posting. I haven't really been able to tell the result, but I know that  I am making money, but I still feel I am doing something wrong. Do you have any tips to improve or change my methods.
I also actively track the market, but I trade so many items, I've found it hard on GW2spidy to keep up with it, because I never spend more than 30 C on any one armor.

Good job. But you can post a smaller amount (maybe 25-50) and cancel/relist once per day. Because you are making so much per item, the cancellation fees are a non-issue, especially with smaller stacks of items being cancelled at a time. You aren't going to sell 250 in a night, so why post 250? Obviously you're posting less, but apply my analogy to your situation and reduce how many you're posting each time. Also increase the amount of times you cancel, assuming that your profit margins are large to begin with.


  1. Yaso said...:

    Short version:
    With 4 Gold focus on Level 1-14 armor and Level 20 trinkets.
    Power, Precision , Vitality and conditional Condition Damage should have your attention.

    Long version:
    As higher the item level as lower the size of my buyorders.
    I tried flipping armor with a multiple of my normal reserved flipping gold.
    First thing i learned was that if the item level gets higher i sell less and have more competition.
    Selling 250-500 of a unique item of Level 1-14 is not easy, but doable.
    The first time i tried flipping armor i wasn't aware of the time and the bag space it needs.
    The items from 1-34 were like a tankless water heater, i got them and directly sold them.
    But all items above level 35 were filling my bags because i ordered 250 of EVERY item, didn't matter if they were level 1 or 70...
    Made a fortune on level 1-40 but above was a loss.
    Had to relist them many times, and storeing them somewhere was no option.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    I agree so much.
    Markco said:
    You aren't going to sell 250 in a night, so why post 250?

    My understand of that is:
    You aren't going to sell 250 in a night, so why buy 250?

  1. Markco said...:

    You buy 250 because they are a great deal and now you don't have to buy any more for a week. That price may not be available for another week anyway.

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