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Time Management

I received an email two days ago asking for advice on time management in Guild Wars 2. Whenever you think about managing your time, you need to have a goal behind the management. In my case, it's having fun. So I want to experience all of guild wars 2, not just the trading post in order to have fun.

To incorporate fun alongside working the Trading Post, I try to limit the amount of time spent posting, canceling, researching, etc. Between these monotonous tasks, I will go farm (even though it's really not worth it, I will still farm because I find it relaxing) or I will play WvWvW. Those activities are fun to me, and that's why I manage my time on the Trading Post.

The best way to manage your time in any game is to view the non fun activities as necessary breaks in the pace of playing. If all you do is play the trading post in order to make enough gold to buy a sweet set of armor, then you're going to burn yourself out. You'll get the armor and then completely ignore the trading post until you need it again for the next goal. Instead, try to find ways to play both the trading post and the game each night. Set smaller goals and you'll have more fun playing! That's the secret to time management... smaller goals!


  1. Robert said...:

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