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Trading Post Notifier

Check out this Trading Post Notifier. It's pretty cool! I would highly suggest using something like this, especially if you are new to day trading and need some assistance. Thank you to Mindaugas for emailing the tip to me!


  1. Flenken said...:

    Zicore has done really well with this, and the recipe section is pretty cool (you can see if a recipe that you have to buy all of the parts for will turn out profitable or not).

    Another option is the gw2spidy API. If people are lost on what to do with it, there's a couple of tutorials on the site https://github.com/rubensayshi/gw2spidy/wiki/API-v0.9 in the "Examples & Guides" section to help you get information into Excel or Google Docs. If you're not going full-blown solution, it's useful for creating your own markets and having them update when you need them to. I used the Excel Workbook method for a bit, and it's definitely useful for someone who is getting started.

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