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Trying New Strategies

Someone recently told me that they were having great success flipping unidentified dyes for a profit. This person went from 3 gold to 26 but it took two weeks or some similar length of time. My advice was to start expanding and looking into smaller profit margin items that sell faster, such as crafting materials. HOWEVER, the key to expanding is holding on to what worked.

When an army moves to conquer a new territory, they leave behind some people to guard their homeland. They don't just take all their stuff and abandon their home. Similarly, you should treat old, established gold making methods like the territories of a conquering army. Keep using the old methods while expanding to new ones. That way you will be able to offset losses while experimenting.

I apologize for forgetting who emailed me. I think the name was Luke, but I can't remember. If you email me again then I'll be sure to include your name in the next one.


  1. Steve White said...:

    This is very good advice. Always remember that the more gold you invest in flipping, the more different markets you will need to invest in, and the more time you will be required (the time aspect isn't controllable overall, but you can choose the ratio of time working to time waiting by adjusting how much gold you invest in any particular item).

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