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Under Water Weapons

One of my favorite weapons to sell are spear guns, but really you can sell almost any underwater weapon for profit on the trading post. Players end up randomly needing to upgrade underwater weapons while leveling, and they usually need the upgrade because they just got smoked by something underwater. In their frustration, they buy out a really powerful underwater weapon and move on. What's powerful?

  • Mighty
  • of Force

At least at the lower levels, this is what I stick to. For higher levels, I just go with whichever weapons are most profitable.

I will buy a full stack of 250 of these bad boys and slowly sell them throughout the course of a week or possibly even longer. Leaving them up on the trading post and cancelling when I feel like it doesn't take up any of my bag space.

See if you can't find a low level underwater weapon worth selling. And remember, people will randomly buy new underwater weapons at EVERY level of the game, not just the first 10. Also, players will buy weaker weapons than the best version, such as a fine instead of a masterwork, because they are short on gold.


  1. Terra Phoenix said...:

    This is funny, I was just listening to the podcast, and after I finished, I went to check the underwater weapons in the AH, and right after I finished, I check your blog and it was posted xD

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