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Why New Flame and Frost Dyes Suck

"Hi Markco,

I'm a medium-time reader, first time writer. Thanks for your blog. I enjoy reading the strategies and theories more than I enjoy my own trading.

Yesterday I posted a thread to Reddit called "Why aren't the new Flame and Frost dyes in greater demand?"


However, most people just used the thread as a platform to complain about the price of the dyes and the character-based unlock system. As you can see from the post, I was hoping to get opinions on why speculators were not more interested in these, especially as there is a (perhaps risky) chance that these will not be available again. The Unbreakable Choir Bell is in similar supply, and demand has also stayed constant -  and importantly phenomenally higher! - for most of its availability, even though that's an item likely to return next Wintersday.

Even if the dyes looked awful or near-identical, I still would have expected to see more people putting in bids for these. At the current rate, one foolhardy person could control a large percentage of any one of the twelve - but there's no point if there's no demand. I'd love to try, but I'd be ruined if it didn't turn out well.

Do you have any theories on why this market is so quiet?

Kind regards,

Why are these dyes doing terrible?

It's a simple matter of popularity and divided interest. The problem with dyes is that they don't demand a lot of attention. They also only work once and then that person (usually) won't buy the same exact dye ever again. If any one of these dyes had a tremendous amount of popularity amongst the playerbase, then it would spread like wildfire. However, you instead have a collection of "meh" dyes that collectors will buy but not many other players. Maybe this post will help increase demand a little for you, but it's probably a long shot.


  1. Yaso said...:

    I flipped them in the beginning.
    But I immediately noticed that they look like the ones I had allready.
    I would never buy high priced items, which have no Stat Buff or "Show Off!" effect.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    The dyes are beautiful, but the prices are just too much for most people to justify spending for a single color. The main thing that sets them apart from other dyes is the depth and texture, and they have a really stunning effect on metal armor especially, but 20-70g is a lot to spend for something that looks only slightly flashier than another, similar dye.

  1. kichwas said...:

    I read this blog once every few weeks. I don't play the trading post game even though I keep thinking to give it a go someday.

    But I do buy dyes when I need a look for a character.

    For me, the reason I have avoided these is that for every color over 1g, there is usually a very similar shade selling for under 1s.
    - There's just no reason to buy them.

    I'm the same way for black and white. Two shades that actually look bad on 3D models when you apply lighting and shadows, but for which both have vastly cheaper "close but not quite" shades that from the right angles will flash with color or shadow with emotion - while black and white will stay flat.

    These flame and frost dyes though, DO look AMAZING from angles and with lights and shadows. But not amazing enough. I could just as easily get say... redemption than the fiery yellow. Its not identical, but 9 times out of 10 it will look almost as good.

  1. Delsea said...:

    My question was more about why speculators didn't want them, not why players didn't want them, but I suppose that the answer that I didn't want to hear was that both reasons were the same.

    That said, Shiver Sea Dye had a huge spike this afternoon. I'm glad that I didn't sell the five I had in storage too early.

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