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WvWvW Helps the Economy So Much

Seriously, WvWvW helps the economy in Guild Wars 2 so freaking much. Without it, there would be no incentive for leveling characters to use the auction house, other than to become uber powerful while leveling. There are certain stats for WvWvW (OK from now on I'm writing PvP!) that you really can live without while leveling, like toughness and vitality. Without PvP, those stats on low level items would be pretty worthless, but because it exists, they still sell very well!

If you haven't explored the lower level markets, and everything from 20-60, then you are missing out on opportunities for making gold. In many cases, you can win your buy order and sell your item in a matter of hours, and it's reasonable to turn a 10 gold investment into 20-30 gold within a single 24 hour selling period. You just need to spread your markets out and avoid large buy orders. That is, of course, if you mind filling your bank with valuable low level items to sell slowly over time.

Alright, I hope I opened your eyes to another great market! Give it a shot and let me know how it goes in the comments below.


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