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Cutting Losses on the TP

"Hi thanks for all the tips on the blog they were very useful in getting me started. I am now at a point where I quite enjoy spending a bit of time meddling on the TP each session and I am even making a decent profit.

There is something I would like to ask your advice on, when starting out I saw there was money to be made with cauliflower, it was small but the item sold very quick making it worth it. I put down a bunch of buy orders (1200) which got filled but the price has dropped now below where I would even break even on them. Should I cut my losses and sell for what I can get or wait it out and hope the price comes back up?

Great question. Looking at gw2spidy.com, you can see that cauliflower is at the lowest it has been in a year. Now is not the time to sell cauliflower, it is the time to buy it!

The food Bowl of Cauliflower Soup is quite popular, since it gives precision and crit damage. So expect it to ebb and flow in price as websites mention it from time to time.

Maybe this post will actually help raise the price, but don't sell right now. Buy.


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