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Dragon Bash and 6 Trading Post Questions

I was away for a few days attending to family/personal matters, and as you can imagine the old inbox started to get pretty full. Here are a bunch of questions that came in along with my (hopefully) helpful answers. Thanks everyone for these and all the other questions I received. I figured these 6 would be the most helpful to everyone as a whole.

Trading Post Question #1:

"How much silver should each item I buy and sell be.. I feel like 80c-1s profits aren't enough to achieve what you talked about in your 500 g a month post.what's your recommended profit?"

If you are selling stacks of 250 items worth 1s each in profit, then you would be making 2 gold 12 silver and 50 copper per full stack sold.

I am assuming that you have had success flipping items, so now you want to make more than whatever you currently are. May I also assume that you're flipping low level armor or something requires a lot of time placing buy orders? Try reducing the number of items you place buy orders on but increasing the size of the orders. That way it's faster to sort them in your bags, place the orders, list for sale, etc.

Sometimes it's about the small profit margins, even just one copper, where you can make the most money. Try to balance time invested, profit earned, and risk to find the best markets, not necessarily just profit per flip.

Trading Post Question #2:

"Hi markco,

i've recently found a good market flipping foods, yesterday i've bought 50 plate of truffle steak dinner and the following morning i placed them on the tp, but they're undercut of 1.80s in so little! What should i do now? I'm always stuck with some unsold items on my list, maybe i'm buying too much? usually i invest all my golds in few markets, generally the ones i've already tested, but i fear i'm buying too much items. how can I estimate the sales prospects of an item?"

If you got them for super cheap compared to the listing price (in other words you don't mind taking the 5% fee for re-listing) then I would advise cancelling your lot and just posting 5 for sale. If they sell, re-post another 5. Also, pay close attention to your market over the course of several days. I bet you that numerous people will see the truffle steak dinner (just as you did) and try to temporarily take control of the market. You don't know if they are actually selling until you see the money coming back to you ;)

Do your research and look at gw2spidy as well as gold wars 2 so you know if you're buying below the average price or possibly losing money by paying too much!

Trading Post Question #3:

"Hello Markco,

I suscribed to your blog because I'm desperately trying to make money to buy this awesome Halloween GreatSaw 2H skin for my warrior. I saw it coming with Halloween event but didn't get a chance to drop it. As I leveled up my character, so the price of the skin did in the TP, and so was my sorrow :'(

I currently can't afford the 220 gold for this skin so I'll try to use your flipping techniques to earn some money and be the happiest gw2 player ever! If you ever know of a way to get this skin without using the TP, I'm a buyer!


You have to use the trading post unfortunately, but maybe this upcoming Halloween you will be able to get it for much cheaper. Think about it this way: will you be able to earn 220 gold before October? Also, will you be pissed if October comes and all your gold has been spent on a now cheap item?

If you do buy the item before Halloween, hold on to it just in case ArenaNet doesn't make it available like last year. That would REALLY increase the price.

Trading Post Question #4:

"First: I appreciate your effort and want to thank you for your work you are putting in to the gw2 trading post site.

Here my question:
I would speculate that dragon coffers will continue to fall in price until a few days before the event ends, should I at that point buy them in high numbers? I assume they will rise significantly in price as they have a chance for the dragon tickets. At the same time I should sell the zhaitaffy before the big price drop when they remove the NPCs or trade them for the consumables as they aren't available anymore after the event...

You see I like speculating, do you see any flaws in my theories?
Some feedback would be highly appreciated.

Thanks anyway :)"

This happened with the greatsword skins I believe, as well as the halloween candy. Definitely worth a try if you have the gold to spare! Try not to invest everything in one strategy though, and by that I mean, slowly sell the items off once you can make money. It's called dollar cost averaging. Look it up!

Trading Post Question #5:

"A couple of the consumables from dragon bash have almost identical stats to omnom food. The omnom food goes for 4 silver versus 55 copper of dragon bash food. Is there any expectation that dragon bash food would reach similar value or even half value of the omnom versions? I don't know where I could begin to look up a history of comparable items. I'm sure there were Halloween food that might have set this trend already. 

I've been making a load of money off the food converting taffy but it is time consuming and wonder if I should stock up for post event when prices rise due to being discontinued. 

Thanks for all the posts!"

Incredibly interesting theory! Most likely this food will rise to get closer to omnom food once it becomes more rare. And in turn, omnom food will go down while we wait for that to happen.

Trading Post Question #6:

"Dear Marko,

I have recently invested in a 3-month subscription to Gold Wars 2. I have not had the game too long and have only maxed my first character last week. I started with 2 gold and have turned it into 23 gold over a 3 day period but it was primarily down to the event items and I got lucky and took advantage of the prices when other's didn't understand their true value. I have been exploring other markets since and have had some luck with rare weapons level 76-80 however as I explore the trading post I find that I don't know how many of each item I should place an order on. What do you look for when determining how many you should buy to maximise your buy order efficiency."

Great question. I would avoid the level 76-80 weapons market. I know you can have success with it, but it's tedious to place so many small buy orders. And you cannot really list more than one to three at once in a reasonable time frame. Try going for faster selling markets with tighter profit margins, as in only a few copper. You'll be amazed how quickly they sell and how much fun they can be. Start with large buy orders, but sell in very small amounts. Each time your lot sells, list a slightly larger one. You'll quickly learn how many items you can sell before a couple undercuts hit your cluster of postings.

Slow selling items typically can only handle 1-3 at a time, but fast moving ones can be as crazy as 1,000+ at a time. I generally only do that with items that make 1-2 copper profit after fees.


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