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How can the trading post be fun?

Can the trading post really be fun instead of work? For most people, the trading post feels like a wall they have to climb. Probably as fearsome as “The Wall” from Game of Thrones. Which I’m still pissed about due to the Red Wedding episode, so don’t get me started.

So why does it feel like a wall? Because it’s not fun. My job then is to make the trading post fun for you, and so far that has primarily happened when I helped you to make gold. Any time a post “failed” and the strategy didn’t work out, you probably became angry or even frustrated (the opposite of fun).  However, the fault is not with myself or the fact that a strategy didn’t work out. It is instead with YOU.

When you play the trading post, your goals need to be in order. The goal is not to make a lot of gold, it’s to instead make gold efficiently.

For most people, this is not something they will find fun unless they win 99% of the time. The point of this trading post game, instead of just making gold, is to make mistakes that lead to improvements. Every time I mess up, perhaps it’s speculating or posting too many auctions which I then need to cancel, that teaches me something. Everything is trial and error.

Here’s a very simple example:

You post 25 items and only 10 sell over night. You cancel the next morning and take a 5% hit to relist.

Next time…

You post 10 items and all of them sell over night.


You leave the 15 extra items and see if they sell another day before making your decision.

See how your “mistakes” are actually just opportunities to learn?

Try to balance your time, diversification, and gold earnings to achieve a decent gold per hour. The private forums of this site recently had an awesome post about this, and I highly recommend it.


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