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How to Determine Minimum Price to Sell At

just a useful hint to share with everyone: If you are buying at highest buyer price and want to know what is the minimum price for sale, you have to multiply your buy price by 1,1765 which is the rounded reciprocal of 0,85.
Very cool tip Manola! I never thought of doing this so thank you!
Here's a quick example of what Manola is talking about:
2 Gold * .85 (fees) = 1.7 gold
1.7 Gold * 1.1765 = 2.0005 gold
It's not perfect, but it's damn close. Just another way to calculate profit if you pick up an item and want to know what to sell at to make a minimum profit.
For example, if I buy an exotic for 3 gold on a buy order and the current price is 10 gold, I need to undercut pretty heavily. So I will take 3 gold and multiply by 1.1765. That gives me a total of 3.5295 gold. So if I want to make a profit then I need to sell for at least 3.53 gold. Now I can confidently undercut without having to run a bunch of numbers and multiply by .85 until I get close to 3.53. I know it right away!
Thanks Manola, great tip!


  1. Josh Freeman said...:

    Or you can just divide the price by .85 For example 2 x .85 = 1.7 1.7 / .85 = 2

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Assuming you have a reasonable calculator that has a division key as well as a multiplication key, you can also just divide your buy price by .85

  1. Anonymous said...:

    A great tip, but two things I'd like to point out.

    1) I prefer multiplying by 1.8; I'd rather round my minimum up than down, thank you. :)

    2) This doesn't always work at low-copper prices. This is because the .05 listing fee and the .10 sales tax are computed separately and rounded, whereas this multiplication tries to combine them before rounding. Of course, that's only a small subset of the sales you should be making, but it is definitely something to remember.

  1. The Black Lion said...:

    It's a great tip but I have never found the need to do many calculations in Guild Wars 2, I guess I am just over reliant on the various guild wars 2 tools.

  1. Leafar said...:

    Hey Markco,

    I couldn't find a way to mail you this question so I'll be doing it here.

    How come on gw2tp.net every once in a while I see some Lv5 norn weapons on the top of the Flippable items page? Is someone manipulating these items in some way? For example I now see a lv5 fine norn dagger with a sell price of 6s71c and buy price of 2s83c giving you a 2s87c flip profit. A lv5 item? Seriously?

  1. Markco said...:

    It's "norn"al I can assure you. Level 1-10 are my favorite playground.

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