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Time to Buy Unidentified Dyes

I don't know if anyone else is noticing, probably not due to the Dragon craziness going on, but unidentified dyes are at the lowest they have been in like two months! I'm getting as many buy orders as I can in now because I know it won't be long before dyes hit 20 silver again. Keep in mind that this isn't for weak stomachs, as a single buy order of 250 dyes costs around 38 gold right now. But if things pan out as I hope they will, then each stack will turn into 42.5 gold after fees.

When you pay attention to a handful of markets very closely, especially ones like Unidentified Dyes which always seem to perform well, then you too will be able to pick up on these kinds of deals.

I use Gold Wars 2 to track my top sellers, and it's one of my favorite features on the site. That and the list of good sellers which comes with the tool. Great starting point for new people but also a way for old timers like me to check if they have their basis covered. Understanding supply and demand is key to your success, which thankfully Gold Wars 2 also takes into account!


  1. Anonymous said...:

    Thanks for the tip. It makes sense that these guys will go up at the very least a few silvers which is a good profit to me!

  1. Anonymous said...:

    The problem I have with doing the thing with the dyes is that it would mean I couldn't use that money again until the dyes start selling high again (presumably after the event madness has died down) whereas in the meantime I could be using that gold in my other markets to make money right now.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    That's why you wont invest all your gold in these dyes. I'm doing it the following way (as markco always suggests): I have one third of my gold tied up in long-term investments. The other third is used for mid-term speculation. With the remaining gold I cover my daily flipping and other expenses I have :)

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