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Trading Copper Ore for Silver Profits

I was trading yesterday morning stacks of 250 copper ore at 12 copper buy order and 15 copper sell order. There were huge walls up at 11 and 16 copper, so this was relatively easy to maintain. That usually happens too with markets like this, where two big walls form between price points just enough to allow for small profits to the undercutters.

Even though I was placing 1000 buy orders every few minutes, they still were bought out and the previous lot sold like clockwork.

Now, is this worth the time? It takes me around 8 seconds to place my buy orders. Maybe another 4 seconds to sell. HINT: If you spam click you can get more than one buy order at a time for the price you wanted.

So yeah, it's worth the time (assuming you play additional markets instead of camping this one), but what I want you to get out of this is not that Copper Ore is profitable once in a while. The point is to learn how to spot walls that you can play around with.

See those walls? Those are a good thing.


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